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practice peace

Posted Sep 18 2010 2:54am
So I had an interesting situation occur yesterday... I have been following this Buddhist magazine online called Tricycle. Lots of great information, if you join their site there are some online retreats you can do etc. There is this one man Alan Lokos who is a gentle, wise soul. One of his lessons in his retreat is about patience...the phrase to meditate on is “only I can destroy my peace, and I choose not to do so”... It is quite powerful if you really think about it. Many situations where we fall apart, or become anxious, or think someone did something to us are really moments that we let go of the one thing we can control... our reaction to what is happening... our “peace”. So I have been practicing this at work as right before and after my vacation were super stressful. Squeezing people, in very busy etc. I normally will get all “spazzy” trying to run on time, keeping everybody happy, saying yes to everyone etc. Since finding this phrase I have noticed that when I remember it I am brought back to the moment at hand.. I breathe and I realize that everything is fine, I am doing my best and letting go of the rest. I can relax my tight grip on what I think should be and just work on my peace.
Back to yesterday. A friend of mine was having a melt down because she felt that this situation was “creating alot of extra work for her” . It brought me back to this phrase... “only I can destroy my peace and I choose not to do so”. No one but herself was creating the extra work,,,she was the one putting the pressure on herself, but then putting the blame on those around her. (me being one of them) Normally I would have gotten super defensive and jumped.. instead, I remembered my phrase.... realized it is not personal, it is not my issue, did what I could to help and let the rest go. WOW!! Its amazing what a small, yet powerful mantra can do for you when you use it.
Do any of you have a phrase or practice that help keep you in check during times of insanity or just business?
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