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Positive thinking helps in weight loss programs

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:23pm

I just finished an interview for the Fitness Rocks podcast. Dr. Monte Ladner interviewed me about positive thinking and how it can help in a weight loss plan. The podcast will be available this Saturday. I had a great time talking with Dr. Ladner. We talked about doing some future podcasts as well as working together with some other health care providers to create some audio products to help people who are working on a weight management program. So, you may see more from us in the future.

Dr. Ladner developed the Health Makeover Challenge, a program of intensive exercise training, nutritional counseling, and behavioral modification in which the progress of the “challengers” is followed online. The purpose of the Challenge is to raise awareness of the importance of exercise, diet, and stress reduction in restoring and maintaining health.

Check out Fitness Rocks... it rocks!

Here are a few tips I discussed in the interview:

  • Optimism is a predictor of well-being, mood, physical health, and achievements
  • Positive thinking has been linked to a number of health benefits including enhanced immune functioning, faster recovery from surgery, increased longevity, reduced stress
  • Optimism can help people recover from setbacks during a weight loss program
  • Optimists are more persistent
  • Practicing positive thinking regularly helps to change the neural circuits in the brain, making it easier to think positively and engage in positive behaviors
  • Affirmations are short positive "I" statements that are in present tense - i.e. "I choose healthy foods that nourish my body."
  • Keep a weekly journal of your achievements to help you stay focused on the positive and keep motivated
  • Connect with others - optimists are more likely to seek social support which can help during a weight management program
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