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Positive Side of Change-How you Start your Day Sets the Tone for the Day.

Posted Feb 05 2013 11:42pm

Let’s talk more about living from the center, one of the keys to shifting to the Positive Side of Change.  When we’re in our center, we are in balance and in touch with our power. We have a perspective that we didn’t have before.

As we discussed in the last blog, when we are in our center, we experience a smooth ride. Let’s discuss some of the techniques and practices that you can do so that you can live from your center more often.

What i discovered  years ago was the practice of meditation. Prior to the beginning of my practice my life was chaotic and full of drama. I didn’t know any other way.  My career as a young trial lawyer was extremely stressful and my relationships were unstable. I reached a crisis point. That’s when I made the decision to begin meditating.

From that point on my life went in a different direction; one in which continues to unfold.  Even though I could be in the middle of a trial, I still found time to begin my day with meditation. It gave me a calmness that I experienced for most of the day. As the day progressed it became  apparent that how I started my day set the tone for the entire day. I found that life doesn’t seem to bother me as much and I’m better able to take things in stride. So here’s what I suggest. Make a commitment to meditation. Read about it and perhaps go to classes. It will change your life.

As an executive-life coach for many individuals throughout the years, I am frequently told that they did not have time in the morning to meditate. I had a busy schedule with many responsibilities as a father and trial lawyer. I made it a priority. In my book, Dancing on the River: Navigating Life’s Changes, I refer to the decision to begin meditation as one of the defining moments of my life.

More about it next time.

Enjoy the journey


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