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Plugging into the High Voltage Energy

Posted Nov 20 2008 5:25am

I don't know about you, but all the negativity surrounding the current state of affairs (i.e. the economy) is enough to drive me bonkers and become a real energy drain. Just recently was the first time in a really long time that I felt the heaviness to the degree where I wanted to throw up my hands and scream, "Forget it (OK, so I was thinking of something a bit more colorful, but this is a family show), I'm done!" (Not done as in ending it all, just done with all the negativity.) Instead of running down the street screaming like a banji I decided it was time to get the ol' energy flowing on high again.

When times are tough and feel heavy beyond measure, one of the worst things we can do is to tap into the negativity. Tapping into the negativity is not only a real energy drain, but it supports the creation of more negativity. So during those times it is important to unplug from the negative charge and plug into some high voltage energy. I know, I know, it's easier said then done, but I promise you it is possible (and I don't make promises lightly, my friends.)

Case in point; when the heaviness was creeping in, I did a few things that helped to lighten the mood and increase my energy (not necessarily in the following order);

1) I didn't try and stuff my feelings in the bottom of my sock drawer. I felt them through, said "hello" to them and acknowledged their presence.
2) I got present and out of the land of the "what ifs" (which is located in the future). I did so by taking stock of the things surrounding me, reminding myself that in that present moment I was a-OK.
3) I played some music.
4) I rested when I needed to.
5) I spoke with a dear friend and had some good laughs.
6) I avoided negative and heavy conversations.
7) I listened to some more music (my son's marching band) while sitting outside, enjoying the nice fall weather. The breeze blowing in my face and through my hair, watching my son, and the fun music was a great pick me up.
8) I wrote and got some important thoughts down in my journal.
9) I hugged my son (multiple times).
10) I watched some comedy and laughed some more.

My dear friends, it is time to unplug from all the negative and plug into some of the good stuff. What brings you joy? What lifts you up? What gives you a positive charge? When you feel the energy draining and your mood going South stop and tap into the things that make you laugh, that spur feelings of love, that pull you into the present moment. There is nothing like plugging into some high voltage fun to get your energy levels up; charging with positive energy is better than charging with negative energy any day of the week.

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