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Pig Bubbles

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm

Picture 1 I know, I know. It appears that I have gone off the deep end with cartoony pics and posts as of late. I blame it on the heat. I understand that there are very serious matters to attend to in the world today, and in your life in particular. No time for pigs.

Last night, while lamenting over my desire to change a few things in my life, I said "There are moments when I just don't happen to have pink bubbles floating all around me."

Dinner guest says, "What?" I repeated what I said. Her face scrunches up and she incredulously replies, "Pig bubbles?"

"No, pink bubbles"
"Pig bubbles?!"
"Pink bubbles floating around me."
"Ooooh, pink bubbles. Wait, why would you have pink bubbles floating around you?!"
"You know, like happy happy, sparkly me."

By that time, the whole conversation was completely absurd. The laughter took over the lamenting. The rest of the night we'd randomly shout out "Pig bubbles" followed by a burst in hysterics. Uh oh, is this one of those had to be there moments? I hope not.

I'm a professional life coach, health educator, and intuitive. Really I am. Look, I even have testimonials from real people and places to prove it. And...I like to have fun, laugh, enjoy the absurdity of life. I look at it this way, we have a certain amount of time here - in this life - we never know how long that will be. Why not make the most of it? Do what works for you.

For me, in addition to this whole life calling I'm pursuing, I must laugh and tell funny stories. It's healing. It feels good. It's a quick interruption to the drama that lays out so chaotically in our heads and lives sometimes. Here, on this blog, I get to share my laughter with you.

Join me. Post your funny stories.

When you do, you will increase your health and well-being in these ways:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Help you prevent heart disease

For more on the laughter/health connection,
Humor, Laughter, & Health
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Try Laughter Yoga, yes, it's real. It's not really funny until you realize it's really funny. Like life, sometimes.

Cheers. To your health and humor.

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