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Personalities and Preparing for the Holidays

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:01pm


The Holiday Season, which includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, is just around the corner. Many of us are giddy with anticipation thinking of family, fun, food, and festivities; others of us secretly cringe at the prospect of family, fun, food, and festivities. Much of our holiday outlook is affected by our individual personality which, in turn, affects how we act and react during the whirlwind that blows between Thanksgiving and the end of each year.

We are going to explore how each personality approaches the festivities, as well as strategies that will help us enjoy this time of year without burned out or angry at others. Don't stress over the holidays; focus on being thankful and celebrating the babe in the manager. Let's learn to use The Personalities as part of our preparation so we can get enjoy family, fun, food, festivities, and experience Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays with the Sanguine

Christmas lights When sanguine people think of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, their thoughts turn to turkey, tinsel, and fun times in Time Square. They love to celebrate and when they have a good reason, they get giddy! The more the better: more people sitting at the Thanksgiving table, more Christmas lights to brighten the tree and the neighborhood, and more presents to give to others and receive. Sanguines love it all. They make great hostesses and love to invite everyone into their home. Everything is fun and festive in sanguine world.

However, if you are a sanguine, don't try to do it all or you will burn out before the last candle on New Year's Eve. Because sanguine people enjoy celebrating, they often forgo sleep for fear of missing something fun! They also tend to be people pleasers and will try to mold the holidays into everyone's expectations. I knew a lady whose family depended on her to make their Christmas special. Not only did she enjoy spending money ( a character trait of many sanguine personalities), but she also knew that her family expected it. She wanted to please everyone so she overspent, planned a spectacular celebration at her home, and was exhausted and mad after every Christmas.

So, if you are a sanguine don't be afraid to say 'no' when others expect too much of you, watch your spending when tempted to spend too much, and don't worry if you miss some of the action if you need to rest. No one brightens up the holidays like you, so make sure you are at your sanguine best!

Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Choleric

Santa Claus 2 Choleric personalities make the holidays happen. They know what needs to be done, and they do it. My husband, Warren, is choleric. When we got married I told him that turkey insides "grossed me out" and that I was never, ever going to stick my hand inside a turkey cavity, and I haven't. Warren cooks most of our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner while I putter around browning the rolls and making stuffing. He also makes sure the holiday lights are brightening our house and front lawn the weekend after Turkey Day.

Lots of things get done by the cholerics we all love, but they also need to make sure they don't get burned out or "burned up" at people. Choleric personalities like to have things done their way; they can enjoy a smoother holiday season if they avoid their tendency to get bossy with others if they are working in the kitchen or if family feuds start to flare up during the festivities. If you are a mission-minded choleric, don't be afraid to exercise flexibility and let some projects go undone during holiday celebrations; do what you do best and let go of the rest.

Melancholy - The Beauty of the Season

White poinsettias Do you enjoy the beauty of Thanksgiving and Christmas? If you do, give thanks for all the melancholy personalities of the world. Much of the music we enjoy this time of year came from the heart and mind of melancholy composers and musicians. If someone you know decorates their home with impeccable and stylish Christmas flare, there is a good chance they are of the melancholy persuasion. They have an eye for beauty and it benefits all who see it during the holidays. They are gracious hostesses and you feel like a king or queen when you attend a function in their home because they will treat you like royalty.

Because melancholy personalities strive for perfection, they tend to be more idealistic with their expectations during the holiday season. If you are melancholy, I encourage you to make an extra effort to relax and enjoy the reason for the season: Jesus' birthday. He loves that you want everything to be just right, but more than anything He doesn't want you to be discouraged if things are not perfect. Do the best you can to make this time of year beautiful, but don't be discouraged if the end results fall short of your expectations.

Peace on Earth - Phlegmatic

Peace on earth 2 Every home should be blessed with a phlegmatic during November and December; they tend to add a calming effect amid all the chaos of family, fun, food, and festivities. Where strife is, peace will intersect if a phlegmatic is in the area. Where flexibility is needed, they create yielded hearts. When things are less than perfect, this peace-emitting personality captures contentment and shares it with everyone. Since phlegmatic people can go with the flow in just about any circumstance, they help other others keep things in perspective.

However, if you are a phlegmatic it is OK to sit by the fire on a cold Christmas night, but don't forget to share yourself with others; you have lots to offer so don't hide it from the world when you have an opportunity to be with others. Enjoy your quiet time reading in the recliner, but don't be afraid to leave the comfort of your chair for a nice walk on a crisp day or a get together with those you love and who love you.

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years. My prayer you is that you will apply your knowledge of The Personalities with everyone you encounter this holiday season. Not only will you bless yourself, but you will also bless those around you.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and Blessed New Year!

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(c)2009 Shona Neff

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