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Perfume for Men’s that are Loved by Women

Posted Feb 26 2013 5:42am

Perfumes are an awesome force that drives away women. But, it is important that you choose the right perfume for you. Approximately 70% of perfume contain traces of rose and jasmine and along with contains other ingredients and c hemicals that alter the property of scents. You will not find two same perfumes, however perfumes can majorly divided into four different categories…


Fresh Greens: Having scents of grass and leaves, suits women

Woody ambry: mixture of warm scents including sandalwood, cedar etc

Floral fruity: Scent of innocence and romance includes scent of flowers and fruits

Oriental Spicy: Uses floral scents of rich quality like orange flowers, musk and vanilla


Sc ent can bring in lost memory, it can inspire lust and even make one sick if inhaled in excess. The aim of every scent wearer is to smell right; they want to have alluring smell. Sometime it is also uses to drive partner away with fling.  For all this you have to bring right perfume like ferrari perfume or hermes perfume or any of the perfume of your choice that ought to deliver results. Now if your aim is to impress the girl remember to keep the perfume light. Subtle and soft perfume attracts more women as compared to strong and stinky smelling perfume.


The type o f men's perfume that helps attract women has some kind of musk involved in the combination. This heady and deep fragrance is used by animals to help attract there mate and the same logic helps here. This is the reason why most of the male perfume has a blend of musky scent with a mixture of wood, spice and citrus scents.


It is the musky mix that dominates the category of male scents. Just check out all popular brands including Old Spice, Brut, Calvin Klein's Obsession, Giorgio Armani's Hugo, Polo and Hermes perfumes. With the rise in celebrity fragrances, there are also many new and vibrant scents available in the market that are hot and obsessed. Just look around along with the brands line of Sean Jean's unforgivable and David Beckham's intimately are also great hits.


Impressing women is not an easy task because there is never one perfume that will work best to woo women.  Every perfume will smell slightly different from person to person and every woman has different taste. One scent may smell wonderful in bottle but when mixed with body tone it may smell totally different.


Caring of Perfume:

  • Remember the fact that perfumes available in spray bottles are better as they have good seal as compared to splash bottles. Perfumes in the spray bottle last longer.
  • P erfume should not be brought in direct sunlight. To keep the fragrance longer and stronger, it should be kept in cool dry place.
  • Buying perfume for someone else, stick to classic scents as it is reliable. Dont experiment with gift.
  • Dont reapply perfume; try to wear one perfume as longer as you can because the more you wear better you will understand the smell.

So these were some serious information and suggestion related to perfumes. Hope the information helped you.

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