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Perfume: A Kind Of Cool Charm And Beauty Let You Enjoy

Posted Sep 24 2012 7:16am

In this season, especially the upcoming National Day festival, every woman all want to get a gift, of course, if they love people gift that is more sweet! Hermes Bags Outlet Store Perfume group there are a lot of famous perfume master, what they brought out perfume is very has the individuality, everyone has a different story, everyone like the taste of the life experience and are not the same, or flying personality, or feminism, today I will take you take a look at these perfume masters masterpiece.

Flying Annick Menardo personality.  2012 Hermes Birkin Handbags Annick Menardo talked about her in 1997 do Lolita perfume, said: ”the origin of inspiration from very young mother accompany me to go to the grocery store to buy things, I especially like the dark little sugar. This kind of memory always lingering in my mind, I especially like, so try to make this kind of flavor to join in, the results this kind of perfume for 15 years popular – everything can be a source of inspiration.” She know how to will intuition and she is good at criticism and reason analysis way of thinking, combining her modulation perfume make others feel she for perception of the world – to respect yourself.

Hermes Belts Outlet Return uncut jade to return true Thierry Wasser. Thierry Wasser few cases of”the most” the most to be able to reflect his advocating pure and fresh and literary blending character — most appreciate peers is Annick Menardo; Love with raw material is Bulgaria rose and vetiver; He used to use perfume to describe his yearning: ”If you want to allocate the life of water that sweet atmosphere, balanced breath contains a sweet fragrance, sweet honey in the fragrance of inclusion, there is a beautiful leng yan, let a person enjoy.”

Quality first Jacques Polge. Buy Fashion Hermes Kelly Bags The I than his humble attitude one hundred times, for the well-known master don’t cut and dried, he is the sweet atmosphere as symphony to do, and by our own every bit of effort to accommodate to realize heart blueprint formula, know him after I, and add a heavy to enjoy the fun of chanel. Every day he will in the lab of his own face comes from comoran Iraq orchid, Florence’s irises, Caribbean bitter sweet tree, Turkish rose, India’s jasmine, reunion of vetiver, Javanese patchouli, the Caucasus mountains to the Sue grass, buy sol of sandalwood… In the manufacture of each phase to ensure that product purity and integrity controls, with the most does not have the shortcut diligence to maintain high quality, it is doing ”conscience perfume”.

Private enjoy pleasure Jean – Claude Ellena. Mention him,  New Hermes Wallets outlet on sale everyone always concise out ”JCE” Hermes’s exclusive blending division, few people in front of his name as other character adjective, no positioning may itself is a kind of advanced positioning, as he talked about Hermes roof garden puts it: ”blending division itself is neither positioning, and omnipresent. So, I can in the near side found the thought of knowing you can’t have things.”

Feminism Calice Baker. Calice Baker himself like a blending work – was born in Russia’s family, in France Grasse learning perfume, and then went to Brazil, Germany and the United States, now lives in New York. And she describes Hermes true I perfume creation process ”I separate treatment violet, jasmine, rose, crystal blue, then will they fuses in together, to ensure that each kind of fragrance in combination in a different role”, true that go the other way around it. Will their connotation into the perfume in the background is not easy, it needs the accumulation of common congenital the day after tomorrow, and all these achievements, maybe we as long as gently spray can easily grab….

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