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perfectionist anyone?

Posted Apr 29 2010 2:39am
This past week as some of you know I have been hit with some sort of cold/ allergy thing. It is frustrating to say the least. Up all night coughing, exhausted the next day. I still put the pressure on myself to get out there and exercise. Worried if I don’t the scale will creep in the wrong direction. A friend said recently “why don’t you let your body heal and then get back into it” Strange concept I thought!! Then I read an article on being Good Enough. The whole point behind the article is how we are all perfectionists, trying to do all things 100% all the time. That if instead we identify the 5 most important areas to us to thrive in, and take it down a notch.
So I looked at my life and decided the 5 most important to me are Parenting, being a partner, self care, work, my house.
These are the ones I feel I judge myself the harshest in. With the new approach of going for “good enough” I can relax my standards a bit... WIth work for example, my coworkers work 3 nights until 7p.m. I feel guilty that I don;t do that, in a perfect world I would and therefor would be as busy as they. However, to me , it is good enough to work one, so I can spend the other two with my girls and beau. In a perfect world I would do yoga daily for an hour on top of my other exercise. In reality, I do it about 3 x a week for 1/2 hr to 45 min. In my perfect world I also never miss a morning of exercise. In reality this week I had no energy the other day and it had to be good enough to skip a day to heal. I feel alot of pressure to connect with those I care about on the phone. In reality, after working with loud noise and talking all day, texting and email is good enough. My house, perfect world, I would spend lots of time, cleaning, decorating, gardening, to make it picture perfect. Reality, I spend an hour or two,,,it may not be perfect but its liveable..
You get the idea. All of this, is the best I can do right now, given the various demands and constraints in my life.. and you know what? It truly is GOOD ENOUGH! Phew, what a relief.. I feel light... free... not so weighed down by expectation to be all things to everyone... How about you? Where do you put needless pressure on yourself? In what areas would it be okay to just be “good enough”?
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