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Past Few Months

Posted Jul 13 2008 12:00am

So apparently, I'm not too good at this blog thing, huh? I haven't told anyone about it, plus I haven't done anything with it in four months. I head back to school in a week and thought I might better put some new information in here before then. In reality, our life really isn't too exciting, but here are some of the highlights this year.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went down to Tucson for the day. Jason's brother Jared went with us. It was a quick trip. I actually fell asleep on the way down, (not a shocker, I am a Curtis), so we almost missed Tucson. Jason didn't want to wake me up and he didn't know where I wanted to eat lunch, so he just kept driving...

In June, I went back east with Angie. Jason couldn't get the time off, so I took someone where that wasn't an issue. We spent a few days in Boston. (this is us at Fenway with our tour guide and host, Camilla) It was great. We did the Freedom Trail, a game (of course, with Angie, this wasn't an option), a ferry ride, Harvard, the harbor. Basically we saw TONS of stuff.

Then we spent a week in DC for the National History Day competition. Angie went with me last year, so we were DC pros. But this year, I had a few more students competing and a few more family members who wanted to travel with us. We actually had our own mini site seeing tour. We made sure to see some things neither of us had seen before (Angie had been to DC 3 times, I'd been 4 times). This picture is of us in front of the National Cathedral. (I swear it's us. The lady who took it apparently, didn't notice how tiny we were!) This was one of my favorite things that we saw. I also liked Iwo Jima (quite the hike!), the Old Post Office and our tour of the Capitol (thanks to Senator Kyl, call me crazy, but I had a feeling that McCain's people might have been a bit too busy for us).

Angie's friends let us invite ourselves to the circus with them at the end of June at US Airways Center. We had a lot of fun. We only moved seats about four times. Tracy joined us too. My favorite events were the motorcycles, elephants & dogs, and trapeze-like tricks. I think our the total age of our group though was much higher than the average there.

On a very recent note, today Jason and I drove out to Canyon Lake. On the way back we stopped at Goldfield, a ghost town about 10 minutes from Apache Junction (in case you'd like to visit yourselves). It was pretty cool and authentic. I told Jason he was getting his picture taken and this is what he picked, the tractor. Shocker. I told him I was getting the saloon in the picture too if he wanted it or not.

Other things have occurred the last few months, we just don't have pictures to document them. Either because we didn't take any or they disappeared into the memory of my external hard drive that Windows Vista wiped clean. Don't worry I'm not bitter, I just choose not to think about it. That's an entry for another day.... As I find pictures on my uploaded websites, I'll post more events too.

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