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Our little family

Posted Jul 15 2008 12:00am
I thought I'd tell everyone a little bit about the members of our little family.

Name: Toby
Breed: miniature, toy poodle
Age: 6 or 7
Nicknames: Sunshine (mine), Towena (Jason's), Toblerone (Mom's), Tobester (Angie's), Tobe, princess, little stink (when he's in trouble)
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
weight: 4 lb
Hobbies: sleeping, cuddling, prancing, jumping, licking, females, barking at anything to pass in front of the house, riding in the car in his car seat, defending the household

(Remember the earlier issue with all photos getting deleted? Well the're still deleted and this is the only one I have of him on the computer.) The vet tells us he is under weight by a 1 lb, and suffers from IBS. (don't even get me started on that) We adopted Toby from my sister Angie who adopted him after my grandparents passed away. We singlehandedly housetrained this pill. Well, actually Jason did. That's what Jason and him don't really get along. He sleeps in the laundry room at night and then spends what time he can on his full size dog pillow (it's pretty funny). The important things to know about this guy are 1- he is male, even though he doesn't look it or act it, 2- everyone loves him (He went to my Spring Festival with me last April and people of all genders, ages and races fell in love with him. Don't believe me? Ask my mom. She was a self-proclaimed dog hater and now she treats him like the grandchild she never had.), 3- he hates getting a bath (see photo).

Name: Tater
Breed: Akita Lab Mix
Age: 8 or 9
Birthplace: Mesa, AZ
Nicknames: Girlie, Beautiful, TaterGirl, TaeTae
Weight: 90 lbs (we think)
Hobbies: sleeping, following me around the house, sleeping, whining, sleeping, and if she feels threatened or thinks I am threatened she barks rather menacingly, getting a bath, eating leftovers, sleeping

We adopted Tater from my friend Marilee when she moved and couldn't keep her in her new place. She's a great dog. She sleeps outside but spends what time she can inside with us when she's clean, or at least relatively clean and not shedding too badly. You see, Akitas are normally cold climate dogs, so she grows a winter coat that sheds for most of June and July. It's rather messy. She's incredibly loyal and protective. She doesn't bark much unless needed. When she gets really upset her deep, strong bark sounds more like a roar of a lion (ask Mahana if you don't believe me).

Name: Jason
Age: Almost 29 (eek!)
Birthplace: Orange, CA (he's a So Cal kid)
Breed: Californian, skater, surfer, (former) ladies man, car junky, Lakers fan
Weight: BIG boy
Nicknames: Honey, Babe, Jay (preferred), Jays (hated but allowed of Mindy and sometimes Angie), redneck, speed demon
Hobbies: drinking Pepsi, TV shows about cars, cops, jails, homes, medicine (basically I've caught him watching anything from Hannah Montana to COPS to a Cricut commercial), driving cars, talking about cars, looking at cars, dreaming of cars, all of those go for trucks too, teasing his wife, messing around, working out, watching sports, arguing

Jason and I met in March of 2003 in Fremont, CA at a YSA dance (I still don't think they're a good way to meet people though). We dated in Aug/Sept 2003 and then broke up. We then got back together in Jan 2004 and were engaged by April. We got married Veterans Day (11/11) 2004 in the Mesa AZ Temple. We had a rocky courtship to say the least, however, we are now happily married and he keeps me on my toes. He knows me well and still loves me. I'm pretty lucky. Right now he works for University of Phoenix and he has about 2 years left of his degree there. He will graduate with a degree in business administration and we will throw the largest party you've ever seen when it happens. I promise! What you need to know about Jason, 1- he knows a whole lot of stuff about a whole lot of things (cars, homes, moving, sports, 90s trivia), 2- he's so competitive he won't play any game he can't win, 3- he does a MEAN car wash, 4- he could sell ice to an Eskimo (so just imagine what he can get an every day person to agree to). (By the way, that is one of my ALL TIME favorite pictures of Jason.)

Name: Katie
Age: almost 28 (eek!)
Birthplace: Mesa, AZ
Breed: Arizonan, teacher, scrapper, recovering Diet Coke addict
Nicknames: Honey, Babe, Katez, Mrs. Dial, MD
Weight: More than Tater but less than Jason
Hobbies: scrapbooking, reading, shopping, reading magazines, analyzing anything (Jason calls it complaining), PackRat, hanging with my sisters, traveling (however, money is a huge limiting factor), music

I've lived in Arizona most of my life, other than two and a half years where I lived in northern California and picked myself a honey. I like Arizona and think it's a great place to raise a family but sometimes I really miss California. I made a lot of great friends and had the best job in the world. After three years teaching in Chandler, I've found a job I like almost as much as my job in Lafayette. Last fall my sister and I finished our masters in Curriculum and Instruction and now I'm just killing time until we start a family and I can hopefully stay home and be a mom. But until then 8th graders, teaching and a few other side jobs keep me plenty busy.
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