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Open to the possibility

Posted May 03 2010 2:44am
doing my guru’s yoga video on yogaglo the other morning she said that phrase as an opening intention. It immediately resonated with me.. but I wasn’t sure why. Then I realized, I have lived alot of my life in “fear”. Fear of losing what I have, no clients, living on the streets, yada yada. The list in my monkey mind could go on for days... This brings me back to another phrase I heard once.. “fear is faith in the negative”. I always loved that. When I felt the fear, I would tell my self that and then choose to have faith that things will continue to work out instead. When we live in fear we clench up. We become resistant to change.. for “fear” it will be bad. However, when I look back, pretty much all of my change has ended up for the better!
If you choose to be open to the possiblities of the day.. you let more good in ... something might occur that wouldn’t have had you remained clenched in fear. When you are caught up in the drama of your mind and your heart tangled in fear, it is impossible to let go and open up to the potential freshness of the next moment.
I forget who said this but “If you are very very careful, nothing bad OR good will ever happen to you!” Think about it.. if you let fear stop you in your tracks.. to remain status quo... then you don’t let the possibility of good in either. You just remain as is.. This kind of goes hand in hand with another post I wrote about the unknown. If you are open to possibility, who knows what can happen! How exciting!
Quote from a Dave Matthews song: “Don’t let the troubles in your head steal to much time, you’ll soon be dead” What is it that they say 90% of what we worry about never comes to pass? Today.. instead.. every time you feel fear, or worry, turn it around.. into something to be open to ... the possibility of good! Or, if life seems stagnant, have the intention of being open to possibility, of something new and exciting! Who knows who might cross your path today, call your office, say hello to you in store! IF you aren’t open to it you will miss it.
Today, come back to center.. relax into the mystery of possibility...this is to relinquish our strong hold on what might be. To do so, helps you to become your true self, feisty and full of life!

Today, my intention is to release YEARS of pent up anxiety and feel more relaxed and trusting in life! Today I am fully open to all possibility!
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