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Onward and Forward

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:46am

During the week of Thanksgiving, I really felt like I hit a good spot with blogging again.  I think I posted more last week than I have in several months.  Then I received a really nasty personal attack in my comments section.  In almost two years of blogging (I had another blog before RR), it was the first really hurtful comment I’ve received.  I’m so lucky and thankful to have really kind readers, many of whom often email me privately and unwittingly give me the courage to keep going in my blogging endeavors. While I realized that this person’s hate had more to do with their situation rather than me, it still bothered me.  There are 5 half-baked posts waiting to be finished and I kept judging my writing and setting the posts aside.

The moral of the story? Don’t let haters get you down.  Onward and forward!

This week started off pretty heavy, emotionally speaking.  I had a really tough decision to make about whether or not I was going to go back to residential treatment in Pennsylvania.  After meeting with my healer and a new therapist who specializes in Buddhist/existential psychotherapy, I decided to try and amp up my efforts to recover here in Colorado rather than go back to treatment for the third year in a row. I also got approved for a new insurance, which will hopefully provide coverage for treatment in the future should I need it.

During the month of December, I’m going to be trying some new things here.  My posts are going to be of a more varied nature, including topics like meditation, spirituality, interior decorating (yes, you read that correctly), and  getting back to a healthy relationship with food/my body.  I’m going to try and take some risks with my writing, and include some fun, more light-hearted material as well.  I hope you will enjoy what’s to come!

In other news, I’m going to turn 24 in 11 days.  Does anyone else get nostalgic around their birthday? There was honestly a time that I didn’t think I’d live to see my 18th birthday and last year I didn’t think I’d make it to 23.  24 feels really….mature.  Thought I was going to say ‘old,’ didn’t you? :)

I’m seriously debating whether or not I should go out of town for my birthday weekend, and I have a couple of locations in mind, so we’ll see what happens….wink wink ;)

I’m off to do some reading.  I know this post was significantly shorter than usual, however I just feel the need to start fresh tomorrow.  Have a great evening and start to December!

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