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Obtain Expedition Resources to Cheap WOW Gold

Posted Sep 17 2012 8:31am

Q. How and where can I obtain Expedition Resources to Cheap WOW Gold. You can obtain Expedition Resources by locking Tier 4 zones and by killing enemy players in the Tier 4 Lakes and capital cities.

Q. What if the Tier 4 campaign is completely locked and my Realm's capital city is under siege? How do we gain Expedition Resources then?A. In response to the news of their Realm's near-victory against their enemy's king, elements of the competing armies (either Order's or Destruction's) will form celebratory camps in Praag in order to partake of their spoils of war. For example, if Altdorf is captured, Destruction's forces will start the victory party a little too early. Regardless from the Realm, these festivities will always be located somewhere in Praag's RvR lake.

Members on the Realm whose capital city has been captured can raid these celebratory camps, bashing the heads from WOW Gold the would-be victors and claiming their ill-gotten gains as Expedition Resources.
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