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"No Man Ever Found the Happiness of Possession Proportionate to That Expectation which Incited His Desire..."

Posted Jul 03 2010 2:56pm

"It is generally allowed, that no man ever found the happiness of possession proportionate to that expectation which incited his desire, and invigorated his pursuit; nor has any man found the evils of life so formidable in reality, as they were described to him by his own imagination; every species of distress brings with it some peculiar supports, some unforeseen means of resisting, or powers of enduring."
-- Samuel Johnson

To read a book-length, research-supported examination of this observation, made by Samuel Johnson in 1750, see Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness .

* I went to Healthy Tipping Point for the first time -- "where everyday decisions add up to something amazing." Very happiness-project-y.

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