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Nike Air Diamond Turf 2 Black White Gold

Posted Jan 10 2013 9:10am

Nike Air Diamond Turf 2

There’s plenty left to believe in. Just maybe not today, when neither seven MVP awards nor seven Cy Young awards could justify the alleged means.Not 762 home runs or 354 wins, not public hangings or courtroom acquittals, not hundreds of millions earned playing the game or tens of millions subsequently spent defending the methods, none of it rose to the rather fluid standards of baseball’s Hall of Fame. On a day when 569 voting members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America could not agree on a single worthy candidate, Barry Bonds, Nike Air Diamond Turf 2 the greatest hitter in the game, fell short by 221 votes. Roger Clemens, the best pitcher of his generation, missed by 213.The outcome will be viewed as overdue justice or an outrageous injustice, depending on your heart and timeline. The system worked or it is irretrievably broken. The ballot was a statement. Or an exercise in mass confusion, coupled with dereliction of duty.Near the end, Hall president Jeff Idelson, a good man in a difficult spot, withdrew a white piece of paper from a serious-looking envelope, arched his eyebrow and announced the result: bupkis. I’m paraphrasing.

We knew we’d get here. The tepid candidacies of Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro told us so. We didn’t know the degree to which it would leak into the wispier areas of innuendo, and neither Jeff Bagwell nor Mike Piazza cleared 60 percent. Some worthy candidates took a hit. Presumably some clean players were splattered by their era. Plenty of it is unfair. And I’m here to say, Air Max don’t blame us, boys. The mess is yours. We’re just trying to separate the real from whatever the hell your generation turned itself into.This day was coming the moment the vials showed up on the doorsteps of ballplayers all over the league. The commissioner was a tad slow on the trigger. The union boss took his job a touch too literally. The players lived to the clubhouse code. The ball writers were asleep at the wheel. That all happened. But Idelson is going to have a near-empty town come July not because some 600 voters couldn’t decide how far to stretch their consciences (though that doesn’t help), but because one man and then another and then – who knows – hundreds more chose to cheat their game. It’s terrible for the clean players who may have lost votes in the commotion, in the distractions of the past couple months. It’s worse for the clean players who navigated the game without chemical crutches. There’s no metric for that. Yet.

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