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Night sweats, crazy dreams...and a new book

Posted May 05 2010 2:18am
good morning! Phew last night was full of some crazy arse dreams!! No idea where they came from, but between that and the night sweats I am glad to be up and awake!
I just received a book from amazon in the mail. SO excited. It is called “A life worth breathing” written by Max Strom. He is a well known yoga teacher and writer. The book is not about tying yourself in a knot or doing a kick ass handstand.. but more about untying the knots in your head and heart.. finding who you truly are. YEAH!!
To give you a quick example. I just opened up to page 55
FIVE THINGS TO HELP YOU RELAX IN TWO WEEKS 1. listen or read the news once a week, no more: (something I already practice) Some people are truly addicted to the news. Max believes (and so do I) that it is a major source of anxiety for people. It is 99% negative and since you already know its essentially the same every day, why keep bombarding yourself with it? My coworkers can’t believe that I don’t read the paper and have no clue. I don’t need to, because if anything TRULY important and worth knowing happened, I will hear about it either at work or from someone that matters to me. Otherwise, I prefer to read uplifting information instead. THis leads to number two..
2. Read inspiring, life-affirming books before going to sleep..this way you nod off with hope and inspiration... it improves your sleep..(see!! Last night I was reading a book about war torn lovers.. no wonder my dreams were batty)
3. Don’t watch violent TV. Have you ever noticed, even when you know its not real, watching an intense show your heart rate jumps and breathing changes? Just pay attention to this.. see for yourself..
4. Get to sleep by 10p.m. Max states that according to acupuncturists, the most vital time for the body to sleep is between 10P.M. AND 3 A.M. This is when all major repair and replenishing happens.
5. Give up caffeine gradually...(ruh roh!!!!!!) Max states we need to stop triggering the fight or flight response in our bodies. Just slowly cut back.. no need to do cold turkey. Supposedly you will end up with more energy..not less...hmmmm I will have to think this over (as I sit here with my dark roast)
So..I don’t believe that everyone will be able to do all these things, especially at once, but see which one calls to you and try that first. Don’t watch the news.. just scan the internet for news once a week. See if you feel better. It is a joke at work that I live in a bubble. Hey, I like it there, my anxiety to world issues is quite low. I started doing this after September 11th. I am on a need to know basis. So far nothing major has happened that I have not heard about, I just didn’t have to keep reading about it or listening over and over and increasing my anxiety. I prefer to read things about how to be a better person and live a better life.. up lifting.. there is room in my bubble if you want to try!
What are somethings you do to be more relaxed? If you try any of these things, I would love to hear from you to see if you notice a difference!
Have a sparkly day!
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