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My poop is too big to pass and I'm scared to try what do I do

Posted by SoMuchPain523

Yesterday I tried to go to the restroom and as I was PUSHING to get this stool out I realized that it was only half out and it felt like I was being split in half.  I broke off what I could (I know it's nasty, I'm sorry) and got up.  I couldn't endure anymore pain.  I tried to use a supposity but as the urge came to go I could feel the pain coming and I was soo scared that I couldn't go.  I was woke up 4 times in the middle oft he night with the urge to go and everytime I thought I was going to SCREAM because of the pain.  Then it's like my whole stomach region would spasm trying to get this stool out.  I'm too the point now where I want to get an enema and just get it done and over with.  I'M SOO MISERABLE!!  PLEASE HELP!!
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Hello Pain, You are just constipated in a big way. You need to drink more water and take less white flour products, (e.x bread) also you might want to take a subscription for constipation too. I had the same problem, i even broke off what i could too, but now i'm better HOPE THIS HELPS!
(ALSO get more fiber diet in your body)
ok fiber and water help, but i see you're looking for a more instant relief for the case..i had this problem several times, you can say i am an expert now...what yOu need to do is get a clycerol suppository right away, use it and after around 10-15 minutes you'll get the feeling, then you'll have to totally relax and forget the pain and trust that the suppository has softened everything(sorry for the vocab it's more than nasty)'ll still feel like the pain is coming but believe me it's partially psychological...just go ahead and relax..then after done try some fiber rich vegetables...HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON,JUST LET US KNOW.


The best thing to take is prunes cut up in yogurt just before bed, works like a charm. I try to take fruit in yogurt every evening as well, P.S. stick to natural yogurt.

Hope your are on the mend,

Nana Sue

It sounds like you have a hemorrhoid. That is, that a vein within your rectal area has somewhat come loose and inflammed, which is causing you the pain when your stool pushes against it or 'scrapes' it when passing out. I have one too. Do you have a small bump/lump outside your anus? The best thing that you can do is visit your doctor; they will probably examine your behind and then either give you some cream for it or some oral medication. It's okay; try taking laxatives and eating lots of prunes so that your stool isn't so hard and just hang in there!! You will be okay!! I know the feeling only too well, just whatever you do, DON'T HOLD IT IN. It will make things worse, and could ultimately end up in surgery. Just take laxatives, take it one little bit at a time, and always get the stool out as fast as you can WITHOUT straining or pushing too much; just gentle, quick pushes over and over; NOT ONE BIG ONE.

darling what you are experiencing is not what the others have wrote.  you should first try a mineral oil enema if you want to stay out of the ER. If that doesnt work move to plan B..the nasty plan.  Get some vasoline, lube up the area and your fingers...and you can are going to need to get over the gross factor, it is your body your waste and this is EXACTLY what a doctor would do after an enema in the ER if you went in there.  Trust me, I didn't pay over $75,000 just to get two letters next to my name.  You need to lube your fingers up generously and slowly (with trimmed nails and if you can get some latex gloves that would be great) insert your finger wherever you can and start trying to pick at the stool and pick tiny pieces off.  You can try pushing the side of our anus down and try to wiggle the stool out (it worked before not only for patients, but myself).  Once you have vasoline all over (or neosporin to heal the tiny cuts around the rim) it will not hurt nearly as bad. If you haven't passed your stool within 3DAYS, I repeat 3 DAYS!!! go to your doctor ASAP or if you cannot get in with him/her, go to the ER immediately.  The posters above made it sound like it will pass eventully...Honey, that is not the truth.  Many, MANY people die each year from constipation...what happens is your small intestines will eventully burst..the waste in the small intestines will then leak into your body causing your blood and organs to become spetic...if you do not know what that is..look it up.  It is dangerous when you are at the point you are.  It is beyond f'ing scary.  Try to do it at home, then go to the ER if not.  It would be a travesty if you died because you were too scared to have a doctor work on your behind.


Take care of yourself..I hope everything turned out alright



You can go to any adult store and buy a tube of "Anal-Ese" it is a desensitizing gel used to have rectal sex but it works the same if your poop is to large too pass.You just put in inside your rectum about a half an inch in and wait about a minute.You will not feel pain and can pass the poop. You can order the gel online also for about $8.00 to $10.00 ... I have done this and it is a miracle cure, even though it sounds weird.
I'm glad you wrote this. I'm pregnant and was so constpated today I had to what you just said. My rearend is sore but I have relief and that's worth it! It's gross but I made it through pregnancy nose and all! My mom said either you do it or a doctor does. I was so compacted I couldn't get the enema tube in me! I hope I never have to do that again but I will if necessary. 

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