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My Pinterest rules

Posted Oct 17 2012 10:13pm
I love Pinterest.  It has filled a part in my life that I didn't even know was empty!  It is so much better, and productive, than FB and I don't have to read all of the drama and TMI of my friends!  But I will tell you, as I near my one year mark as a Pinterest participant, there are a few things I wish I could make official Pinterest rules.

  1. Do not pin anything that costs money!  I swear, if wanted to spend money, I'd go to Google.
  2. Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should.  How to dye your cat's hair pink?  Of course, I can't think of any of the others.  60 recipes with pumpkin?  60?  Pumpkin is for desserts and that is all, people!  I am so ready to make the board, "The dumbest idea I've ever heard" for all of those, but fear I would offend some people.
  3. Why put all of the details of the link in the tag?  If I want to know how to make the bean dip, I'll go to the webpage and read it.  And certainly, don't tell me, "Pin now, read later!"
  4. I find any boards like these utterly pointless, "Dream vacations," "Books to read," "Movies," "Remember when..."  I'm sorry, no one is going to go to Pinterest when planning their next vacation, library trip, movie date or reminiscing party.  Give me a break!
  5. And speaking of boards, don't just pin one thing to a board.  I put way too much thought in the names of my boards and their contents and their necessity to tolerate a one pin board.  You probably need to consolidate then!
Nevertheless and regardless of these flaws, I still love Pinterest.  It will continue to fill all sorts of time in my life and fuel creativity that I can never find time for anyway!
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