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my new crush

Posted May 20 2010 2:42am
You all know about my yoga crush on Kathryn Budig. 27 years old, bendy old soul that she is. Lately however, I have discovered another. Someone older, wiser yet full of life and a very young soul. Her name is Cindy Joseph. I am sure if you look in any catalogs you will recognize her face. The picture didn’t come out the way I intended, yet you can still see her beauty and most likely recognize that face and hair!
Cindy is 58 years young.. Yes, you read that right.. 58! She got her start modeling at the ripe old age of 49. SHe had a career in makeup artistry and raised 2 children when she was walking down the street in NYC and was approached by someone about modeling. She thought it was a joke. CLearly it was not. Cindy has changed the image of “aging gracefully” into something to aspire to not dread. Her theory on aging is that it is just another word for “living”. You start when you are born and you stop when you die. Living, is what we do.. aging is part of that. She says “We are over 30 for far longer than under 30 if all goes according to plan, so keep going for what you want in life!”
She has done alot of work and soul searching and worked with a program called the institute of human abilities. They introduced her to the importance of “pleasure as a sustaining evolutionary essential force” Their theory is simply to live according to what brings you pleasure. Cindy feels this is the best beauty secret there is. When you live according to this principle it makes life more fulfilling, meaningful and abundant! No one benefits from misery. (being it or being AROUND it!)
Cindy says that aging is a choice! We can choose to feel every ache and pain and be unhappy about it, or we can see it as translating into becoming more wise, mature, sexy, vital and energetic! SInce I don’t have any choice in the fact that I am aging, I choose to see it as the above mentioned!! woohoo!!
When you love yourself, love your life and live according to what brings you pleasure life can’t get any better!
I love how she calls it “midlife oasis” not midlife crisis! She states “how about making fun the goal?” Not just while on vacation or on a weekend, but every day! Where can you insert fun into your day? Where can you find something to laugh about?
I will do a part 2 on Cindy, but for now.. contemplate this theory of pleasure. Do you have moments of it daily? If not how come? Where can you insert it into your day? Change up your workouts to something fun over clocking time on the treadmill? Read a trashy novel instead of something for school or work? Go to lunch with a friend? shop? pedicure?? What’s your pleasure?
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