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Motivated Monday and The Goddess World

Posted Jun 12 2012 8:37am

It’s difficult for me to say out loud what a hard time I have sometimes performing daily tasks.  It’s not laziness, but it’s a combination of fear induced depression, extreme fatigue (emotional and physical), and the constant swirling thoughts that exhaust me.  However, yesterday I pulled myself together, gave myself a pep-talk, and a had an extremely productive day despite my overwhelming desire to stay in my apartment.

What I accomplished: 

  • Doing my interview/assessment for the DBT group, being accepted, and arranging to start next week
  • Getting a list of Angie’s vaccinations from the vet to show the leasing office at my new apartment
  • Going grocery shopping
  • Buying my first mattress!! (The sales guy was a little too enthusiastic about selling me a bed but hey, I got a great deal and am super excited to sleep on it!)

The mattress is a Serta iComfort:

They are kind of like the Tempurpedic beds, but a lot cheaper and the difference is that it has a cooling gel in it so you don’t get warm at night  from the memory foam.  To my surprise, I actually thought that the least expensive model was the most comfortable and it was about $1000 less at the store I bought from (yay sales!) than the first store where I originally saw it.

I get really nervous buying things like this because I don’t like pushy sales people or interacting with random strangers that much, but I desperately needed a mattress or I’d be having to share Angie’s bed and it’s not big enough for the two of us :)

Even though the list above is something that a “normal” person wouldn’t think twice of, for me it was a HUGE accomplishment to get all of that done in one day.  The thing I’m most excited about is moving into my new place and starting DBT next week.  It’s a 10 month commitment to be in the group but I know that I need it.  Now that I have my eating disorder under control, I’m able to address the underlying emotional issues that exacerbate other disorders I have.  Here’s to healing!! I’ll be sharing things that I learn along the way and the struggles and triumphs I have with Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  I’m confident that this will be a life-changing experience for me.

Once I move into my apartment, I will be showing you lots of before/after decorating posts! I love to decorate but have never really had the chance.  Not even in my dorm rooms in college, except during holidays when my roommate and I would string up candy cane and snow man lights and make paper snowflakes while watching Elf :) Beautiful times those were.  Katelyn, I miss you! Come back to America!

I will also be dedicating many hours to my business endeavor once I have a real work space and my goal is to have things up and running in about a month or so.  Part of this work will require trips to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby if they have it out here on the East Coast (I haven’t seen one near me) and I’m looking forward to spending lots of time creating….

Also, as you may have seen on the right hand side of the blog, I am a Goddess Ambassador for Leonie Dawson (meaning I’m an affiliate and receive some compensation when others buy her products through me).  I’m not really concerned about the money (because to be honest I haven’t made a single cent off of it), but I do like the ability to advertise something that genuinely impacted me this year and inspired me to start my business and do great things.  I really love the idea of women supporting other women and eliminating that vein of competition that often severs relationships.  I love that Leonie really does deliver in her workbooks and eCourses.  I heard about her for a few years before I actually made the jump to get the workbook and the more courses I’ve done, the more confident and happy I’ve become.

I was a little sad to hear that she decided not to go by Goddess Leonie anymore, but people change and I accept that.  She still continues to touch my heart though with her writing and I think she has a very powerful spirit and her Business Goddess course is what I’m using to help me create my business.  However, she is upping her price to join the Goddess Circle to $199 instead of $99.  At first I thought $99 was a lot of money to spend to join a circle, but I have met some really lovely women through it and best of all you get all of her workbooks and eCourses and this is actually a great deal considering how much you get.  This means literally HUNDREDS of pages of cool information ranging from a wellness course (the Radiant Goddess course) to a business course to the Goddess Year Workbook.  She isn’t changing the price until Tuesday, July 3 so if anything on her website looks appealing to you, I say jump on it! I haven’t regretted it.

Everything you get when you join the Goddess Circle

I hope that you will believe me when I say that this is something that has really inspired me.  What I appreciate most is that she’s true to herself and that’s something I want to cultivate in my own life.  Take a look at her website and see if it feels like something you might want to try.  Her passion is infectious.

Well everyone, today my plans include yoga followed by therapy.  Oh and one more reason why the Goddess idea appeals to me? It says so on my body :)

And I hate feet so it took a lot of courage to post this picture in the first place ;)

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