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Posted Oct 30 2012 12:00pm

When Linh and her mother took my first donation to the Orphanage last year they had thought of buying items with my money. But then they decided to let the women who run the facility decide what the children really needed. I think that was a wise decision. However, they did bring the children five big boxes of noodles. Linh said to me at that time in one of her letters, ” If you go to Haiphong, my mother and I will take you to the village to see and explore. The Director said that they wanted to receive more help from you and other philanthropists to improve the village, so they would be very grateful if you gave more gifts. In this mail, I also send you some photos I took in the village this afternoon.”

“Now, I will tell you about the pictures.
There is a photo my mother took in the Vice – director’s room. The woman who was sitting is she. And the woman who was standing next to the table is the secretary.  I was standing between them.


Then there is a photo my mother took of the Vanh Khuyen family, when I was giving the certificate to the mother of that family ( the family that brings up handicapped children ).

Then there is the scene in front of the handicapped family.

Then there is one I took with the Vice – director in the large yard.

Oh, I forgot the other picture is of the rest of the village’s extensive yard.

It was very moving for me to get these pictures. I’m very excited that I will be fundraising for the Hai Phong Orphanage.

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