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Minka Kelly's 7 Secrets to a Sunny Life

Posted Mar 07 2009 11:24am

I was just flipping through the most current issue of Health magazine, and I stumbled upon this story. At first I was drawn to it because of the orange color and the picture of Minka with her dog (named Chewbacca- how cute is that?). Then I actually read the article, and found it very inspiring. Hope it does the same for you that it did to me!



In a few short years, Friday Night Lights  star Minka Kelly has earned a rabid following for her portrayal of Lyla Garrity, the complicated girlfriend of a high school football star in a tiny Texas town. It's no surprise that Kelly has show business in her blood- her mother was a former Las Vegas showgirl, while the dad was a guitarist for Aerosmith. (Steven Tyler, of all people, was an early babysitter.) The 28-year-old former model- who is reportedly dating New York Yankee Derek Jeter- now splits her time between her native Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, where the show is taped. The actress strives to find happiness in everyday life, even as she attempts to cope with the recent death of her mother. Here, she shares the secrets to her positive outlook.


What aspects of your life are you fanatical about?

Getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water are the most underrated, simple, and beneficial things you can do for your health. I also have to sleep a full eight hours. And I like to take my half-hour power naps in the middle of the day.

You've been described as "simultaneously curvy and toned." Do you try for that?

 Well, if I didn't work out as hard as I do, I'd be really thick. (Laughs) That's also hard, because I love to eat. But it's about wanting to take care of myself, as opposed to wanting to look a certain way. I don't really ever stand on a scale.

It can be self-defeating to weigh yourself every day.

Then you end up obsessing over it. And if you're working out and gaining muscle, your weight is not going to go down, but your fat could be decreasing.

What's your workout regimen?

I do a lot of running, which I enjoy for mental reasons, too. I'll be really frazzled and run for 30 minutes, and everything sort of seems clear again.

Is there any form of exercise that just wasn't for you?

I did Bikram yoga for a while, and I know that's not for me. Too hot!

Any secret-weapon foods?

I always have a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal with some cut-up strawberries for breakfast. It's just the quickest, healthiest breakfast. And it fills me up.

What's your eating vice?

I'm a dessert freak. I looooooooooove peach cobbler. Everything in moderation. Have a cheat day- Whoo! Sunday's Cheat Day. I'm gonna have my peach cobbler! - then it's exciting, and you really enjoy it.

How do you save money?

I don't impulse buy. If I see something I want, I'll put it on hold. If I really want it several hours later, I'll go back and get it.

How are you extravagant?

I feel you should not be frugal with skin care. You only get one face. And sheets! You spend half your life in your bed, so make it really comfortable. Don't get the cheap sheets!

Is there anything that you used to do when you were younger that you cringe to think about now?

Eating pizza at midnight with my girlfriends. It would be like, 'Let's order some pizza.' I'd eat five slices, no problem, and then go straight to bed. Oh, boy. Can't do that now.

You were once a model. In what ways did it prepare you for having your looks-and body-under the microscope in Hollywood?

I never really took the idea of me being a model seriously, because I never thought that I had the body for it. I'm five-feet-five, and I have a bubble butt and pretty big thighs. So I learned quickly just to be happy with what I've got- and make the best of it. If I'm built thick, OK, then. I'll make it strong.

What do you think about stars in their 20's getting Botox?

Whatever you have to do to make yourself happy, then I'm all for it. I'm personally afraid to do it at my age, but that's not to say that when my boobs are down to my knees that I won't go and get them fixed up. (Laughs.)

So, we have to ask, are you single? There have been photos of you with a certain baseball player... (Derek Jeter).

(Laughs.) I have lots of great friends, and I'm very happy. I'd just like to keep it at that!

What is the toughest thing that you've faced so far in your career?

When I first started out, I wanted everyone to like me. If someone didn't, then it would absolutely devastate me. The toughest thing I had to learn was that some people are going to like you and some aren't. And when you're focusing all this energy on the people who don't like you, you could be putting it into people who do love you and deserve your time.

How do you cope with stress?

I run to my dad, and he talks me through it. I do outdoor stuff with my dog. And I also write in my journal. Writing it all down is the most therapeutic thing-aside from going to a therapist. Therapy is a really healthy thing to do. You don't always want to burden your friends with everything.

We were so sorry to hear about your mom. What's most valuable lesson she taught you?

The most valuable thing my mom ever taught me was how to love.

How do you stay happy?

I think it's about keeping things in perspective and appreciating what you have. Life can't be great all the time. You're going to have highs and lows- you can't appreciate one without the other. I want  to be happy, and I think that's just a decision you make when you wake up in the morning. 

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