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Marge Piercy on myth and reality

Posted May 02 2009 10:12pm

The Interpretation of Fairy Tales One of the characters in Marge Piercy’s novel He, She and It is Malkah, an older woman who writes chimeras, decoy code used to hide sensitive corporate information on the Net.

Malkah says, “I cannot always distinguish between myth and reality, because myth forms reality and we act out of what we think we are; we know on many levels truths that are irrational as well as reasoned or experimental.

“Our minds help create the world we think we inhabit.”

[Quotes from essay Human Identity in the Age of Computers - Cyberpunk Identity, by Chuck Meyer]

Malkah, a little further on in the story, goes on to say, “At any moment in history, certain directions are forbidden that lie open to the inquiring mind and the experimental hand.

“Not always is the knowledge forbidden because dangerous: governments will spend billions on weapons and forbid small sects the peyote of their ecstacy. What we are forbidden to know can be - or seem - what we most need to know.”

The image is from book The Interpretation of Fairy Tales, by Marie-Louise von Franz.

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