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Margaret Lobenstine on Renaissance Souls

Posted Nov 17 2013 12:34am

Renaissance Souls, gifted adults, Scanner personality, psychology of giftedness, high aptitude psychology

“You don’t even know what you are deep inside. You’re not just some little waitress. Make the right choice. Start fresh.”

Diner owner Joe (Andy Griffith) to Jenna (Keri Russell) in the movie “Waitress.”

Here she is preparing one of her “genius” and amazingly delicious pies which she names after circumstances in her life, such as I-Don’t-Want-Earl’s-Baby Pie; I-Hate-My-Husband Pie; and Falling-in-Love Pie.

Author, speaker and workshop leader Margaret Lobenstine writes in her book The Renaissance Soul about people – often gifted and talented – “whose number one career choice is ‘Please don’t make me choose!’ and whose underlying passion is to constantly redefine our passions.

“We are people who pick up one thing and drop something else as frequently as we need to — lucky people who, if left to our own devices, can never be bored for long. Yet at first glance we don’t feel so lucky. In fact, we seem to have a problem, an inability to pick one specific career path and happily stick with it.”

She says some of these “Renaissance Souls” may “change areas of endeavor frequently only to have their expanded repertoire of skills held against them when they go for job interviews. Others have successfully climbed one particular career ladder only to be inexplicably miserable at the top.

“Still others stay with waitressing, temping, or other entry-level positions to avoid choosing any one path to the top. They tend to work at positions far below their abilities, struggling with the resultant low pay and security.”

She adds that in “the thousands of sessions I have had with clients who want to redesign their lives, I have seen some of the most gifted, curious, multi-faceted people floundering. Why? Why should people with multiple interests, skills, and talents have such a tough time? Are they flawed in some way? Do they have a problem that has yet to be identified?

“No. The problem is that their inability to pick one specific career path and stick with it shouldn’t really be labeled a ‘problem’ in the first place!”

The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One – by Margaret Lobenstine

["Waitress" was written and directed by the late Adrienne Shelly: The Adrienne Shelly Foundation exists to "help young women pursue their filmmaking dreams, and to assist others in making the leap from acting to writing and directing."]

Photo of Jenna/Keri Russell from fan site

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