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Making Peace with Yourself

Posted Oct 02 2012 10:03pm

A friend just shared this wonderful bit of self awareness – “My weight keeps dropping because I am at peace with myself and with food”

I could really resonate. I found the same to be true for me. I yo-yo’d with weight a great deal during my high school and college years. A steady stream of gains and losses. It became a game that left me constantly preoccupied with food… and exhausted.

When I started making peace with myself things shifted. Weight dropped… and stayed off. Food became something I enjoyed again… guilt free! :)

I attribute a lot of it to the influence of Don Miguel Ruiz and his suggestion to make… and keep… these four agreements with myself.

I did. And amazing things happen because of it.

When you start the journey of making peace with yourself you’re likely to discover you find yourself working through layers. By that I mean you recognize that you have a story in place, one that is keeping you from taking steps that would move you in the direction of your dreams. You finally can clearly see the entire story was built on an assumption you made sometime back in your past. So you do some internal cleaning and imagine you’re home free. On to a new life.

And for a while it’s almost smooth sailing. Until you hit another bump in the road. One that forces you take a second look and see if that old story is still at play. And much to your dismay you discover it is still alive and well, playing in the background and continuing to dictate your choices… or lack of them.

The good news is that each time through you erode more and more of the ‘story’ as you come to the truth of where you started the story in the first place. And everything changes.

It’s worth taking the time. It’s worth making those four commitments to yourself. It’s likely to change how you approach your relationships, your business, and most importantly… yourself. What you’ll be left with is solid gold.

Happy Trails discovering a whole, new you… more of you… the real you!

with love,



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