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Making Choices – Easy? Or Paralyzing?

Posted Sep 28 2012 10:03pm

Choice is a rich part of life. And whether we believe it or not we have and make thousands of choices each and every day. Yet have you ever felt overwhelmed by choices?

I know I have. But it’s really not because of too many choices. I’d say it’s because we have some work to do in connecting with our values and beliefs. We can deepen our connection and find decisions come easier by considering six factors in particular.

CLARITY: Here lies the Power. Only when you’re clear can you make decisions that are aligned with your true desires. Just like a kitchen junk drawer accumulates clutter, so do our thoughts. Move through the thoughts directly into your heart when weighing decisions.

COMMITMENT: Can you remember a time when you wanted to make something happen… and you made it happen? You know, one of times you knew, you just KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was yours do do. That’s commitment!

ENERGY: Is your Energy Source propelling or hindering your actions? Remember, what you place your attention on grows stronger… so watch where your attention goes and redirect if necessary… and the energy will be funded for you to place in the direction that will lead to a best choice.

PASSION: How do you recognize the best choice? There’s got to be some passion there! And passion absolutely requires identifying what makes you truly happy, what moves you. And of course, this demands you tell yourself the truth about yourself. You won’t find true happiness or passion if you’re busy trying to convince yourself one thing makes you happy… when it’s really something else.

COURAGE: This one inevitably follows the other four.  When you’re passionate, your energy is aligned with that passion and you’re clear and committed to that passion, then what can stop you from being truly fulfilled?

EXPECTATION: Expect things to work in your best interest. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Check out Barry Schwartz’ classic TED Talk, “ The Paradox of Choice ” and let me know what you think!

Here’s to choices!!! :)

Choose to have fun today… you deserve it. :)

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