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Love List #13: Thirteen Things That Love to Drive Me Crazy

Posted Feb 13 2010 5:53am
So, it was hard to think of something I wanted to list thirteen things about- it's such a bad number! Then I came up with it, my pet peeves! Well, here's the problem, I have so many that I can never think of them on cue! And, when I do think of them, they really get me ready to start talking! So, I'm sorry, this post is going to be long and heated!

1. A 22-mile commute (self explanatory)
2. Cuss words in book, especially audio books- at least in a book you can catch it before you read it and skim over it. When you are at the mercy of what you can hear, you can't do anything about it but listen to it.
3. Cuss words- I see no reason why any intelligent human being, or even a semi-intelligent one wouldn't be able to find a better word than a foul one to express themselves. Hello, there are TONS of words out there, why used the most popular ones? Most of the time they are used in a sentence that doesn't even make sense!
4. People who are clueless- I hate to break it to you but there are a lot of people on this planet and we all have our own lives and our own schedules and if all you can do is think about yourself and your issues then maybe you should consider leaving mainstream society and living by yourself in the middle of nowhere and leaving the rest of us alone.
5. Students who say they "forget" deadlines- Give me a break- just be honest. You didn't do it. You played XBox until midnight and couldn't care less until right now when I asked you where it was and now you realized it's a problem.
6. Liars- If we all just told the truth all of the time we could always trust each other and believe what we tell each other. But because someone people choose to LIE the rest of us can't be trusted. Thanks, ya cheats.
7. When things don't go how I plan (self explanatory also)
8. Books on CD with long tracks- sometimes I get bored listening to a book, but if the tracks are really long, I can't "skim" because I might miss half the book! So they need to be short enough that if I miss 2 minutes I won't be lost.
9. Needing one thing to make a recipe and then having to improvise or just find another recipe.
10. People who drive the speed limit on back roads! If you want to drive slow, take the main streets!
11. Meetings that are a waste of my time. This kind of ties in to #4....
12. Things that weren't proofread before they were sent out/published/mailed/printed. (Especially if the author was a teacher and even more especially if an English teacher!)
13. Road construction- why couldn't they just build the road right the first time?!?!?
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