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Local Libraries Rock

Posted Mar 01 2009 12:00am

If you have been following this blog, you know I love books. I love reading books, looking at books, talking about books, buying books–and I love borrowing books from the library. I relish the local library; I came to know ours when my children were small and we began going each week to gather stacks of picture books. As my boys have grown older, they spend their time in the children’s reference section, scoping out books on Star Wars, lions, dinosaurs and sharks, mostly, while I have become familiar with the resources available for my enjoyment. 


My favorite benefit offered by the library is that there is not a limit to the number of books that may be checked out. When it comes to books, my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach–I can never leave without a stack. I have this habit at bookstores, too, so over the years, opting for the library check-out has saved my family a fortune! 


Today’s local libraries provide patrons with many modern conveniences. One great feature is the online database which can be accessed from home. I hear about books that interest me quite frequently. I always check my library catalog first before heading to a bookstore or shopping Amazon. If the book is available, I can place an online hold for it and pick it up at my convenience. If it is unavailable, an email alert will be sent to me when it is, and it will be held for me. Once I have books in hand, an email alert is sent when they are due. If I desire more time for reading, I can extend my lending time online. The entire process is very convenient!  The local library also has an extensive collection of audio books, CDs, DVDs, newspapers and periodicals. In addition, there are numerous reading, study and enrichment programs available, for all ages.


In the grander picture, what I love about libraries is the positive energy inside them. People visiting the library are generally very happy and those who are working are always helpful. There is great lighting, peace and quiet, and plenty of work space. Once you get to know the layout of your local library, it is fun to walk through the aisles and peruse the different subjects.  I like walking through the Fiction section and rediscovering authors I read long ago. I have been reading a lot more biographies and psychology books since spending more time at the library, too; I hope to cover the History section next. The packed shelves seem so full of promise; because the books cost nothing to check out, I think there is more freedom to experiment with subjects that are new.


Last night I visited the library to pick up another book by Malcom Gladwell. I found one of the last two parking spots and walked into a packed house. I have written in other posts my appreciation for places that tie you to the community. The library is great for just that. It is a free resource that is utilized and enjoyed by many. It brings together people of all ages in a positive setting. I just love this. Check it out for yourself!


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