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Listening to my body, washing machines, meeting goals

Posted Jan 30 2012 12:06am
Happy Sunday (or Monday by the time you are reading this)
How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good. Okay it was great.  To the outside person someone would think my weekend sucked.  It was all school and all job search but I fit in a good spin session and run and had a positive attitude.  I have NO idea where this positive attitude is coming from!!! I am NOT am optimist in any sense of the word but man, I’ll take a positive attitude!!! Here are three things that made my happy today.
#1.  Listening to my body.  Sunday means I like to run longer than 7 miles.  I’m not training for anything but I like adding a couple of miles here and there.  I woke up this morning at 7 and it was raining and windy and for some reason I just did not feel like running. I’ve had some hard workouts this past week and enjoyed them all but my legs were tired.  And it occurred to me that I CAN decide on my mileage! So I did 7 miles in a little under an hour.  And I felt great after.  I also was content not running more than 7.  
#2. Washing machines.  Doing laundry is one of my least favorite activities.  I HATE folding and putting away clothes.  But today, while I was a crabbypants doing laundry, I realized how much WORSE my life would be without washing machines.  I also have one in my apartment just for me.  And that changed my entire perspective on laundry and suddenly it wasn’t so bad! 
#3.  Meeting goals.  My goal this month was to apply for 16 jobs…and…I DID IT!! That feels so good! I think statistically, after applying for 16 jobs I’m pretty qualified for and wrote pretty good cover letters for, one HAS to call back for an interview?  Please, please, please.  One interview?  I got my first rejection e-mail but I don’t actually mind.  I WILL get a job and it is exciting to dream.  
So how about you? When do you just listen to your body?  What machine are you thankful for today?  What goal do you feel awesome about meeting?
I have a good feeling about this week!  I don’t love January and I am perfectly content with it coming to an end.  

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