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Learn More About Shrimps And Recipes

Posted Aug 23 2012 2:40pm

Shrimps are one of the most delicious food items available for you. These fresh water creatures are rarely seen in oceans. Its capacity to survive in salt water as well as fresh water, made it compatible for cultivation. There are plenty of shrimp farms around the world. Shrimps usually eat small fishes or insects living close to the bottom. There are many specialties for shrimps. Black tiger shrimp and Thailand shrimp are some of the most common shrimp verities. Its ability to swim backwards, make it difficult to catch. Large fishes, turtles, and even whales eat shrimps. There are many verities of shrimps available for you. Shrimp is a common name for all these species. The word prawn is also used to mention big shrimps. They are largely cultivated in America and Europe, and southern Asia.

Black Tiger Shrimps

Black tiger shrimps are not different from other common shrimps. The skin color of black tiger shrimps is unique. Black tiger shrimp is grey in color. You can distinguish them from other shrimps, by looking at skin color. You can easily sauté them, without using any expensive recipe. You have to peel out the foreskin and devein the shrimps. Some exotic recipes require the outer skin of shrimps. This will give you a different essence and taste. Almost all the other recipes will tell you to remove the outer skin. You can easily cook the meat, after removing hard outer covering. After washing it clean, you can start cooking. If you are searching for a good recipe, try to seek the help of internet. Almost all the online recipe web sites can help you to find a good shrimp recipe.

Black Tiger Shrimp Recipes

After finding a recipe web site, you can start cooking. Before making a continental shrimp item, you have to devein the shrimp. You can use many oil types to cook the shrimp. Olive oil is one of the best available choices for black tiger shrimp. Just boil the prawn in oil for 3 to 4 minutes. Addition of garlic powder and black pepper will enhance the taste. You can add salt, according to your taste. After cooking these items, you can either add white wine or lemon juice. The lemon juice can provide a different taste to every food item. Shrimps are made up of simple and soft tissues. It will not be a good idea to overcook them. You can easily create prawn sauté, within minutes.

Learn About Thailand Shrimp Recipes

The Thailand Shrimp is another important shrimp item, available in the market. You can easily purchase them from nearest shops. These are imported from Thailand. Thailand shrimps are considers as one of the most delicious seafood items. You can create many food items, using Thailand shrimp. There are thousands of Thailand shrimp recipes available on the internet. You can either select a continental recipe, or traditional Thailand recipe. You don’t have to use any expensive ingredients, to make delicious shrimp food items. Information about Black tiger shrimp by siamcanadian.

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