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Learn How To Take Advantage Of The Law Of Attraction

Posted Nov 27 2010 5:04pm
The Law of Attraction is a universal law that will help you achieve  anything you want if used correctly. In 1925 a book  was written teaching how to use the Law of Attraction for success and  money.

An American author, Napoleon Hill, was  born on October 26, 1883 and wrote his book, Think and Grow rich, in  1925. After introducing his literary works that taught how to achieve  personal success, Hill died on November 8, 1970.

Carnegie, Ford, Woolworth, Rockefeller and many  more were the most influential people in that era. These were the people that held the power and  Napoleon Hill wrote of their success and how they achieved it. That  book was called The Law of Success. The book was written, published  and released as a learning tool for the average person.

Hill became the presidential  advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1936. He is credited with the  saying “what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can  achieve.”

That era saw Andrew Carnegie as the richest man in the world and a  great philanthropist. He felt that he was at the end of  his life and wanted to make one more contribution to the people of the  world. He thought that giving mankind the secrets to success would be  the ideal contribution. The book Hill originally wrote was called The Law of  Success.

Think and Grow rich

After many years of interviews and research, Hill’s book was  published and place on the market. As quickly as it hit the market it  was censored and removed just as quickly. It appears that the influential powers  of the world did not want the average man to now they secrets of  success. The book was based on the Law of Attraction although that  term was not then used. Hill eventually revised the book and offered  a watered down version which was also taken off the market.

Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich PDF, after sitting on the shelf for many  years has again been released to anyone that want to learn the secrets  of success. The book explores and explains the use of the auto suggestion by influencing the subconscious mind thereby using the auto suggestion method most effectively.

We all have goals, as  evidenced by our New Year’s resolutions, but we do not make a plan  that will allow us to achieve those goals. Hill teaches us to become  motivated by controlling the mind using auto suggestion. Auto suggestion is used to control the  subconscious mind and your efforts and goals are then supported. Hills formula for success will help  you move toward accomplishing your goals without the having to fight  with willpower to do so.  Using Hill’s formula you  will have the confidence and the power you need to guide you toward  success.

Hill’s formula for the Law of  Attraction has been a proven success but for many years the Law was  left on the shelf. Rhonda Byrne  offered her version of the same term in her book The Secret, which she  followed up with The Power.

Now that Napoleon Hill’s version of the Law of Attraction in his book  Think and Grow Rich is again available, learn to attract success by  reading the book and practicing its teachings.
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