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Learn About Vietnam Seafood Recipes

Posted Aug 23 2012 2:39pm

Vietnam is one of the most river-rich countries in the world. Both marine fishes and fresh water fishes are available in Vietnam. Vietnam seafood items are extremely affordable and vivid. If you want to prepare a Vietnam seafood item, you can seek the help of internet recipe sites. Vietnam shrimps are famous due to their deliciousness. You can easily prepare Vietnam shrimp foods, with the help of online recipes.

Caramel Shrimp

Caramel shrimp is one of the most populate and tasty Vietnam seafood items. You can easily prepare this delicious item, easily. You have to purchase caramel syrup, vegetable oil, red chilies, garlic powder, and other important ingredients. In order to create this special vietnam seafood item, heat the vegetable oil using a fry pan. When the oil boils, add some chilies and garlic power. Keep frying these ingredients for 1 minute. Mix the chilies and garlic powder thoroughly. Now, you can add the shrimps followed by pepper powder. It will be better to add the caramel milk with constant stirring. You can add the salt, according to your taste. Just boil this mixture for another 30 seconds. Vietnam Carmel shrimp is ready to use. You can serve it along with plain boiled rice. This delicious food item can be prepared easily and quickly. No expensive ingredients are used in the preparation of Thailand caramel shrimp.

Vietnam Seafood Mix

If you want to enjoy some Vietnam seafood mix, feel free to seek the help of nearest restaurants. Most of the international seafood restaurants can provide Thailand sea food items. If you want to prepare the sea food, you can get recipes from internet. Grilled fish is a good sea food mix. You have to prepare delicious sauce, in order to serve it along with grilled fish. You can easily find Vietnam sauce recipes.

Vietnam Grilled Fish Sauce

In order to prepare sauce for the seafood mix, you have to gather unsalted butter, olive oil, carrots and other ingredients. Boil three of four tablespoons of butter using the help of olive oil. You can use a medium sized sauce pan for this. After boiling for a minute, you can add onion, chopped carrots, and pepper corns. Cook until the carrots and onions become soft. Constant stirring is essential to enhance the taste of sauce. You can also add the fish bones and small pieces after boiling for 10 minutes. This will induce a different taste to your sauce. This sauce can be served along with grilled fish. This Vietnam recipe is extremely affordable and delicious. Before serving, you can garnish the sauce with cream and vegetable pieces.

Importance of Vietnam Seafood

Vietnam seafood recipes don’t contain unhealthy food preparation methods. You can prepare these items, without bothering about anything. Deliciousness is the best reason behind global appreciation of Vietnam seafood recipes. There are plenty of food recipe books available on the internet and book stores. You can either purchase a copy or download eBook versions from online resources. Some useful information seafood mix by siamcanadian.

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