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Leap of Faith

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:05pm

I’m mildly shaking just writing this post.  I am absolutely terrified and also so excited all at once.

I quit my job.

Yes, you read that correctly. I quit my job and no I do not have another job lined up.  Luckily I have an amazing supportive husband who is willing to let me take this leap of faith and support us (me) through it.  We are very lucky to be in a position where we do not have any credit card debit and the only debit we do have are your normal bills–mortgage, car, food, heat, etc.  We have been good about always trying to save my salary, always thinking we would have kids one day and I would like to stop working when that happens.

This is so scary but we are going to be fine.  We definitely are going to have to cut back on things–Christmas is going to be bare this year.  That France trip–right now is definitely on hold.  Our going out spending money and buying things for the house–going to have to stop unless I start bringing in some cash.

But aren’t all those things worth it if you aren’t miserable in life?  I had hit a wall and something had to give.  My job was ruining so many aspects of my life, so I (with the incredible support of Justin) decided this was the decision to make.


–I gave my notice but I agreed to stay on for 1 month to see the completion of my current project and to help with transitioning.  I did have 87 hours of vacation time accrued.  My HR will pay out for 40 hours, so that means I need to get rid of 47 hours, or about 6 days.  In my resignation document, I have requested to take at least a day off every week from here on out, sometimes more.  I shouldn’t lose that time that I have earned.

–I have already filled out the paperwork to become a substitute teacher in Loudoun County

–I will not take a job just to have money.  I need a job that I enjoy and have a passion for.

Justin will be putting me on his insurance plan, so I don’t need benefits.  I am willing to do multiple part time jobs.  I have started brainstorming ideas to see where I should focus my job search:


–Healthcare/doctor’s office–(I was an office manager of a family care office all through undergrad and grad school.)

–Hospitals/Nursing homes–I’ve been through a family member dying of cancer.  I can definitely appreciate and respect how having supportive caring people around you make things better.  Additionally, I have always loved the “Active Seniors” generation.  When the generation of 75-90 year olds die, our country will lose so many amazing stories of strength, courage and heartache.  What those men and women did for our world always always amazes me and I love spending time and hearing their stories.

–Researching–I loved researching and writing for my thesis.  Now I need to find someone to hire me as their research assistant!

–Writing–I love words. I love their power and strength and the release they give.  I want to expand on this blog–so I think I may be moving it off of and also from Food Buzz.  Unfortunately, I have to make money now and I know I can make some with blog ads, just need to figure out how and get that taken care of.

–Exercise–I used to be a personal trainer for Washington Sports Clubs.  I could do this again. I have kicked around the idea of being a personal trainer for stay at home mom’s/wives.  Go to their house and take them out running, working out, do strength training, etc. I would be cheaper than a personal trainer at a gym.

Wine–I live near a lot of vineyards.  Justin and I always love to go wine tasting and visit the vineyards.  Why not work there?  I think that would be a fabulous job.  Who knows.


So as you can tell, I’m clueless.


Ready to go on this amazing and ABSOLUTELY terrifying journey with me?!


To Smile.


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