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Laser Liposuction - Real Benefits

Posted Feb 11 2013 7:27am


Those who want to get rid of excess body fat and achieve a perfect body shape can depend on laser liposuction surgery. This procedure is provided in reputable plastic surgery facilities in the USA by experienced plastic surgeons. Liposuction treatment offers many real benefits, and with minimal discomfort or risk. This is especially true with liposuction provided using the innovative Smartlipo device.

Laser Liposuction Advantages

First of all, laser liposuction procedure is more efficient than traditional liposuction. It can remove body fat in a minimally invasive manner quickly and more easily.

  • The process is good for removing fat even from smaller areas such as the chin or underarm. Laser liposuction surgery can provide a much enhanced overall appearance.
  • With laser liposuction, within two or three days of the surgery you can get back to your normal life and perform light activities as per the advice of your plastic surgeon. The recovery time of this liposuction is shorter than that of traditional liposuction, which makes it more popular. However, you should not attempt any hard work immediately after the surgery. You should avoid stressful activities until you are totally healed.
  • Laser liposuction is provided with the latest advanced Smartlipo device, which is known for producing excellent aesthetic results. The laser energy melts excess fat without causing much pain or discomfort to the patient. The melted fat is removed. The procedure ensures an attractive body contour, with a smooth skin tone.
  • Smartlipo laser liposuction ensures controlled and reliable delivery of energy, proven tissue coagulation and better skin tightening. There is no risk of over treatment and so the procedure is a safe one.
  • This plastic surgery procedure can be provided under local anesthesia, which is yet another factor in its favor.
  • Smartlipo liposuction has less risk of scars. Though there may be some red marks on your skin for a few hours after the surgery, they will disappear soon.

The Right Plastic Surgeon and Facility to Enjoy Real Benefits

It is an accepted fact that laser liposuction surgery using Smartlipo brings about lasting attractive results. However, excellent aesthetic outcomes can be ensured only by a reliable, experienced plastic surgeon offering the service from an advanced plastic surgery facility. So finding such a surgeon and facility is most important. A dedicated surgeon will provide this procedure taking into consideration your aesthetic goals. However, to maintain the good results, you have to follow a proper diet regimen and lifestyle according to your surgeon's instructions.

Laser liposuction surgery is an effective treatment program to achieve most natural and aesthetically pleasing results. A reliable, experienced plastic surgeon offers laser liposuction treatment with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.


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