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Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant All Winter Long

Posted Oct 28 2009 11:01pm

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So remember how a few weeks ago I wrote about fall fashions? Well it seems as if we've already converted to winter here in the frozen tundra, which means a much more rigorous skin care routine awaits. For all you year-round warm weather people out there, you can go off and be warm while the rest of us huddle by the fire with our dry, chapped lips and cracked feet for the winter.

Dryskin-1 If there is one thing that I think I'd wish back from our days living in the warmth of Memphis (before moving to North Dakota), it's skin dewiness - as opposed to the dry, flaky skin of winter here in the tundra. Just the other day during a mega-scrapbooking rendezvous with some friends, I was looking back at some photos of our days in Memphis and was amazed at what I've described here before as my "perpetually dewy, Memphis" skin.  Let's just say I don't quite have the same skin dewiness going on right now.

So how do you attain summery skin in the dead of winter?

Changing your moisturizing routine is a good start.
A while back I read an article by Bobbi Brown (you know, the world famous make up artist) on layering two moisturizers as a way to make your skin look instantly younger. So what does wintery, chapped skin have to do with aging skin? Everything. Dryness will give your skin the same appearance as aged skin. Last winter, most likely on a 20 degrees below zero day, I remember looking at myself in the vanity mirror in my car and thinking I had aged about 20 years. My skin was so dry that I was developing crevasses in my skin around my eyes, lips and cheeks, and I'm only 28 years old! That's when I knew I needed to take action with two moisturizers. Oh, and a good humidifier doesn't hurt either.

Stat with a light hydrating lotion to plump up the skin and then apply a richer moisturizer to lock in moisture. One of my recent favorite products is The Healing Seed Face Cream with Hemp Oil. Don't worry, it's not illegal, and hemp oil is one of the most moisturizing oils you'll find on the planet.  

Here are more tips to gear up your skin care and makeup for winter, I mean fall.

Check your foundation shade: Regardless of how much or how little sun you get in the summer, your skin tone is still going to be different in the winter months. Check your foundation in natural light, like in your car's vanity mirror, and you'll notice if your foundation looks dirty (too dark) or ashy (too light). In the winter months I've always had a hard time finding the right foundation color. I have a great summer foundation, but the next shade lighter is just too light even for winter, so I tried mixing the two. I use either a whipped foundation or a cream foundation, so it's pretty easy to do. Just put an equal amount of both on a clean hand mirror, mix and dip your cotton ball or sponge into the mixture. Just make sure you stay within the same foundation formula. 

34000-1 Change your color palette:
Pastels just don't look good with the fabrics of fall and will most likely look out of place with your parka and scarf. But never fear, deep colors like taupe, grey-blue and brown will never go out of style for fall. Even so, just because the days are dreary doesn't mean your make up has to be. I love Urban Decay's Crash, Goddess, Chains, Smog, and Mildew colors for fall. Mauve and purple just seem to be go-to colors for me in fall and winter, and Kiss is also a good mauve color that works well in fall for a lot of different skin tones.

And last but not least, my favorite part about fall hair and makeup is probably that highlights seems to go out of fashion until spring. Hair highlighting can be monstrous on your hair, which is why I tend to stay away from hair highlights. (Who needs dry skin and dry hair??) Still, I must admit, sometimes in summer, when everybody's sporting their sun-kissed highlights, I do feel a little left out, but my simple, uniform color seems to look just right for fall. So check out your salon's all-over -color specials this fall and opt for a shimmering all-over color.

Kate Turnbow

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