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It's "Make Someone Smile" Week

Posted Mar 09 2009 9:19am
I'm declaring it "Make Someone Smile" Week. Who am I to do that? Just a woman, but dontcha think it would be kind fun to knowingly walk around with the intention of making others smile? What a great way to raise your own positive vibe as well as the positive vibe of others. Besides, it's hard not to smile yourself when you are consciously making another smile.So here are some tips for how to bring about a few smiles...feel free to use them, tweak them, add to them or come up with you own. :)1) Share a sincere compliment2) Share a hug3) Tell a good joke4) Just smile at someone for the sake of smiling5) Make a funny face6) Break out into a song and dance7) Whistle the theme song from the Pink Panther8) Honor someone with a Remarkable Tribute Have a blast!Peace, Love and Major Smiles to you!
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