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It’s the economy, stupid - and maybe time for a good anxiety relief product

Posted Jan 14 2009 5:10pm

Toward Los Angeles, California The so-called bailout; the continuing revelations of how the Bush administration undermined the economy and personal financial health; job security being more of a myth than ever before, facing foreclosure, and so on.

What impact is it all having on your emotional health?

Now may be a particularly important time to do something about getting anxiety relief.

A Career Couch column in the New York Times starts off this way :

“Q. Day after day of economic turmoil is making it hard for you to concentrate on your work. You can’t stop worrying about your job security, your retirement portfolio and your whole future. Is this normal?

“A. It’s only natural to feel anxious during a financial crisis. But understand that anxiety can distort reality, disrupt thinking and erode performance — unless you take steps to manage it.”

From How to Quell Financial Anxiety, By Phyllis Korkki.

On this site (Talent Development Resources), there are a number of information resources about managing anxiety.

One of the articles, for example, is How the Sedona Method Helps You in Challenging Financial Times.

It points out, “While it’s understandable that many people are worrying about their job security, this anxiety is only making matters worse.

“For one, anxiety can manifest into physical symptoms like insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue, and headaches — all of which make it nearly impossible for you to put in a full day’s work.

“Further, when you feel anxious about work you tend to perform less efficiently. This not only makes you even more fearful, it could actually single you out as someone who is not a team player or top performer.”

Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates, explains, “When you’re worrying about anything notice what you’re holding in mind. When you worry you’re holding in mind the exact opposite of what you would choose to happen.

“As you let go of your worry what’s right underneath is a feeling of relaxation and courage,” he says. “And when you’re relaxed and courageous you’re more likely to perform at your best and communicate in ways that will make your employer much less likely to choose you as the one to lay off.”

He adds, “In fact, the more you release instead of worry the more likely you will be to be successful at whatever you do.”

The article includes a video: Hale Dwoskin talking about releasing ourselves from guilt, anxiety, depression and other limiting feelings, using the techniques of the Sedona Method.

Also see more Managing anxiety articles and Anxiety Relief Products / Programs.

Photo: “Toward Los Angeles, California” 1937. Photographer: Dorothea Lange. Perhaps 2.5 million people abandoned their homes during the Great Depression and went on the road.


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