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it’s officially here!

Posted Jun 03 2010 1:58am
WOW.. its been one crazy week. Between Monday being a holiday, PMS and the humidity, I feel like my head could just pop off! (Still not quite sure what day it is..) I have a super busy day today at work and then DONE!! Tomorrow I go to Kripalu to meet my yogi idol and spend the weekend learning how to (gracefully?) fly upside down. I will keep you posted!
Today is the official start of 100 days to my birthday! I have been trying to warm up gracefully into this space. I have been challenged to say the least. Have you ever noticed that? When you say to yourself, “I feel like I am becoming a more patient person(ie)” THe next thing you know you are surrounded with people trying your patience! So to be tested on a good day is challenging enough.. to throw PMS in there? Forget it!!! Luckily my family is used to my crazy ranting and seem to ignore it well.
I have found another yoga crush that I haven’t had the chance to share about yet. Her name is Elena Brower. She is a teacher out of NYC. SUPER cool. ( I will write about her another time for sure!!) I think that is where I keep getting the word “grace” from. When I look at her picture that is the word that comes to mind. Plus her style of yoga, Anusara, means to flow with grace. Since discovering her I have been trying to implement more grace into my life.. hence all the tests that keep being handed to me!
Some of the ways I have been trying to handle the stress: BREATH. I have not meditated well all week. There have been lameo attempts, but not like I was doing. When I finish this today I will go there. I have however been practicing breath work. It truly is amazing what that does for the nervous system. Even something as simple as counting the in and out breaths. There are many variations on this, 4 inhalation , 4 exhalation. 4 in, hold for 5, 6 exhalation etc. I think because you are focused on the breath it is a sort of meditation, but it also forces your system to slow down. It is amazing. I had a client yesterday who was Super stressed as her dog is quite ill. When she walked into the salon she was wild eyed, lots of nervous energy(zero sleep, fear of diagnosis etc). The first half of her apt. was difficult.. She couldn’t sit still, very active in the conversation (I had to keep telling her to stop moving her head as I was trying to apply hair color and it was going to end up in her eye!) At one point, she became agitated as I got color on her diamond earring... thats what happens to moving targets!!! (by the way, all you diamond lovers out there.. WINDEX!!! A representative from DeBeers said that is the best home cleaning product for a diamond!!!) When it was time to shampoo, I made her stop talking and breath.. focus on the 4,5, 6 method above. I gave her a nice head scrub.. kept her more quiet for the blowdry etc. Her face and energy was SO much more relaxed by the end of the appointment. It was truly fascinating to watch!
Another thing I have done this week for stress relief. SALT CAVE.. this is a gift to this area I tell you. There is a holistic wellness center here in town that ROCKS.. He created a salt cave. The room is ceiling to floor himalayan salt. It is very dimly lit and you go in, take your shoes off and sit back in a zero gravity chair and relax for one hour. There are light blankets on each chair. (about 6 in the room) There is so much salt in the air that all the trace elements and ions recharge and rejuvenate your body. I have been blessed enough to go there 2ce this week and I don’t know how else to describe it, other than to say, I feel as relaxed and out of it as if I had a massage!!! There are only a few of these in the U.S. and my lil old town in Vermont is lucky enough to be one of them. You can read more about it in my article on Or go their website and click on the salt cave. The owner is way before his time!! This is something else I have added to my list for my 100days. To go to the cave once a week until my birthday. It is the best $10. you can spend on yourself!

What are some of the ways you deal with stress in your life that are healthy?

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