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Is it LOVE or is it LOA

Posted Dec 02 2008 3:12am

With our human tendency to complicate even the most simple things in life… LOVE has got to be high on the list. You may even be chuckling to yourself now and wondering why I don’t start with something easy. Newsflash:there is nothing easier…L O V E … it’s the stuff you’re made of…just BE.

That’s love.

Anything you feel compelled to add just complicates things.

Here’s another easy…LOA... Law of Attraction: That which is like unto itself is drawn.

A simple enough statement… until you start thinking about it, or trying to understand it.

Let’s just let it be. Let it say what it says… that which is like unto itself is drawn.

AnXiety -colored fear draws people, events, circumstances that support (and even enhance) anxiety colored fear.

RaGe -colored anger draws people, events, circumstances that support rage-colored anger.

Sad -colored fear draws people, events, circumstances that support sad-colored fear.

Satisfaction -colored happiness draws people, events, circumstances that support satisfaction-colored happiness.

Peace -colored happiness draws people, events, circumstances that support peace-colored happiness.

Joy -colored bliss draws people, events, circumstances that support joy-colored bliss…

You get my drift? This may in fact be rocket science, for all I know, but what made anyone decide rocket science was all that complicated anyway? Someone tells you that you have to have to find a way to produce enough energy to provide the thrust to overcome inertia and peoples eyes glaze over… why?!? What is up about that?!?

Because there seems to be confusion, I think it’s worth thinking about the answers to those questions.

Today, for instance, another variation of a question I hear frequently came from Elle. Asking,

“Is it possible the universe plays tricks? Why would it do this to me? I’m a good person, I just spent the past two years taking care of my brother who died young six months ago of leukemia…I was so ready for this good to come into my life, and when he showed up, it felt like everything really fell into place. I was (and still am) absolutely in love with him and was ready to build a life together. Until his recent about face, I believe he was on the same page. Is it possible to manifest him back? We had something really special, I’m so sad to see it go…it has crushed me.

after explaining that she ‘used’ the Law of Attraction and “recently was able to manifest the man who fit every single category of desire I had in a boyfriend and even some more that I didn’t know. He literally came into my life as a huge suprise (as I had made my list and then forgotten about it, or mostly) and it was an absolute delight. I felt like the universe had absolutely given me the greatest gift of my life. The only trouble is…we lived in different cities and he recently told me that he decided he could not deal with the distance and hence decided to date someone else. As a 32 year old woman who has been single for a number of years, this has come as a huge shock to me…I just felt so confident in the love we were sharing and the future we had been discussing together.”

After some conversation it became clear that Elle didn’t realize that LOA is always working… always managing things.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction explaining the dance we dance with the Universe, it seems we need to understand that the Universe is not ‘giving us the greatest gift of our life’… to think that way is to misunderstand what the Law of Attraction is about. And to misunderstand it in a way that blinds us to the power we have and the freedom that comes when we master our vibration and attract the match to our desires DELIBERATELY… ON PURPOSE… WITH AWARENESS.

It’s empowering to grasp that YOU are attracting the experiences in your life… nothing and no one is ‘giving’ you gifts… YOU are gifting yourself with all that comes your way… the experiences you enjoy as well as the ones you don’t… it all depends on YOU and YOUR ALIGNMENT.

So Elle… when you attracted this love into your experience it reflected your alignment with Source Energy and when he decided the situation wasn’t the ‘fit’ he was desiring… this contrasting experience is also a reflection of your alignment to Source Energy… in other words, your asking and allowing drew it all.

Please understand there is no ‘bad’ here… except as you decide to judge it… and the Universe doesn’t ‘play tricks’ like you are talking about… though it sure seems tricky to me the way the Universe sorts things out so that we draw to us the match to our ‘asking’.

It’s important to understand it’s not the ‘asking’ we do with our thoughts and words…

I know people get tired of hearing that it’s about the vibration… but until you understand that, you can’t use the power. This is where self-responsibility begins and a commitment to minding your vibration is required so that you can create ON PURPOSE instead of by default… and it takes practicing new habits of calling your spirit back when it wanders for you to truly claim mastery over your vibration.

It’s here that most people get either fearful or lazy and start playing the defensive game of “You just don’t understand… I KNOW that I’ve been thinking nothing but positive thoughts for two whole weeks and still all I get is crapped on….” (or something similar ;-)) All the while refusing to dig deeper and acknowledge the possibility that you’ve been sending out mixed signals… at best.

And it’s the signals you’re sending that the Universe is responding to! You see… you say…

“I was so ready for this good to come into my life, and when he showed up, it felt like everything really fell into place.”

And I’m sure that’s so… on one level. But consider the possibility that we are multi-faceted and multi-leveled Beings. Is it possible that mixed in with the THOUGHTS of your ‘readiness’ there may be a thread of anxiety…

anxiety about it ever happening…
anxiety about it lasting
anxiety about your worth…

or a thread of confusion or feelings of ‘efforting’ around the particulars of HOW you’re going to work things out…

or a thread of fear around what you may have to ‘give up’ in order to ‘get’ this ‘man of your dreams’
or fear of disappointment or…

All I’m saying is there are a lot of ways we can be sending out mixed signals and they are often things sitting right outside of our conscious awareness… yet sometimes the unconscious signals ARE the dominant ones.

Elle, it sounds as though you did a great job attracting a man to you that supported the feelings you want to feel in an intimate, significant relationship with a man. You now have greater clarity than EVER about the FEELINGS you desire in this kind of relationship. So now you have the chance to tighten up your alignment with that. Get the wobble out of your vibration. And don’t confuse the specific man who brought you this clearer understanding with the FEELINGS you most desire to feel and the happiness you’re asking for.

Instead, put your energy into focusing on becoming the WOMAN who is living the reality of the experience of good feelings and happiness in relationship… and from that know that the life partner that will stick is absolutely on his way! Get aligned with the LOVE that you are… BE LOVE... and your BELOVED has to be drawn… it’s LAW!

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