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Intuition 101: From cluttered to clear (pt.1)

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm

After having gotten overzealous with Twitter - a microblogging application filled with lots of resources and cool people - I decided to take a few steps back and unplug for awhile.

Don't get me wrong, I love this service. I have met some really interesting folks, had opportunities come my way (like being interviewed for a podcast about healthy habits on The Cravings Coach, listen here ). I even won a contest from Green Your Decor (bamboo cutting board, organic kitchen towel & pot holders).

Yet, it hit a point of too much. Information overload. My browser had 20 windows open of links I wanted to check out from the people I follow. I wanted to "tweet" and read "tweets" instead of, well, anything else. Something had to change, yet I couldn't pull myself away when I would hear the ding of someone responding specifically to me. It reminded me of the popularity I felt in my princess days.

Where does intuition come into the picture?

It told me to stop. It literally said, "Time for a breather. Back off of tweeting. Go for a walk. Then do some writing." I know to listen, because as I mentioned earlier, it's always right. While we all may have different theories on who that voice is and where it comes from, one thing is certain: It exists, and it's your most valuable compass. I know, you've heard me say this before. It's true - from the mundane to the meta - your intuition will guide you in making the best choice for you, in the moment, regardless of the circumstances. It says, hold up, this isn't good, turn left instead of right.

Here's what I've noticed:

We are bombarded with information coming from all different directions. On the external front, there is media, family, work, school, friends, and strangers. They all share their opinions and "facts" about what they think to be right and wrong. Take the field of health, for instance, often contradicting itself with another expert opinion and scientific discovery. Fats are good. No, fats are bad. Eat tomatoes. No, don't. Aaaaahhhh.

No expert, in any field, will be able to tell you what's right for you. And if even they could, they aren't with you all the time nor do they know how your body's needs change over time. You do. Or rather, you have the opportunity to, if you pay attention.

Sure, trends are important. Information is interesting. Considering other perspectives, essential. Yet, no matter what you hear or who the source is, it still comes back to a very basic question: Is this the best choice for me right now? When you are more wrapped up in the outside world instead of the strength of your inner world, it can cause you to feel a tad bit ungrounded.

How do you weed through all of it to know what to do? How do you go from cluttered to clear?

The first step is getting to know how your intuition works

Does it talk to you? Do you feel it, get visual clues, have an automatic knowing? Does it show up more before or after you do something? When do you follow it and when do you not? If you aren't getting any answers from these questions, remember a time when you said "I knew I should have..." or "I'm so glad I went with my gut..."

Once you understand how it works, you can then cultivate it, using it on purpose in times when you don't "need" it. That way, it will be even more loud and clear for you when the need is truly there because you've already practiced. Which leads to the next step...

Coming soon in Intuition 101: From cluttered to clear (pt.2)

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