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Introduction to evening dresses

Posted Nov 02 2012 8:47am

Evening dress is after 20:00 to wear formal dress, poor ladies dress is the most advanced, most unique, fully displaying individual dress style. Also known as the night dress, dinner dress, ball dress. With the suit, shawls, coats, cloaks, decorating gloves together make up the whole dress with the gorgeous results. (Source: Sun embroidery wedding dresses not monopoly)


Traditional style: stressed women's slim waist and exaggerated hip dress sense of weight, full exposure of the shoulder, chest, arms, leave space for magnificent jewelry. Such as: low neckline design, decoration and strong sense of design to highlight the noble and elegant, focused use of mosaics, embroidery, fine pleated collar, beautiful lace, bows, roses, give the impression of classical, formal clothing.


Traditional evening dress fabric: for the purposes of communication to the night, to meet the night of luxury and a warm atmosphere, material may be Mercerized fabrics, flashing some magnificent, noble materials, such as satin.


Evening dress occasions, concerts and Opera: wearing a silk dress, not to wear cotton bunt went. In addition to considerations on the artistic atmosphere, there is 1 reason: Silk fiber is most reasonable reflection of music, to make music more polished results.


Che friends wedding ceremony: for a single woman, attended Che friends wedding ceremony is 1 a good chance to meet friends there. Dress to work suffer from too much engraving on this occasion, cannot reflect the peculiar side of your personality. Dress to make you day accompanying guests to show their people.


Business reception: the reception regardless of size, if not specifically identified may wear civilian clothes is definitely to wear evening dress to show you attention. Of course, the theme is not Grand at the reception if suffering from knowing in advance, only 1 "gather to talk about party", do not suffer from something of a Hollywood star. Long skirts to knee dresses, perhaps better reflects your frank and the young.


Attached to the hotel restaurant for dinner: on this occasion, wine and more atmosphere than the number of dishes to make a memorable impression. In a friendly atmosphere while, elegant evening dresses will become the harmonic atmosphere agents.


Formal dinner:  evening dresses 2013  for dinner is to show respect and thanks. Once put on her high dress, chew to urge SB. to drink and drink and shout ourselves hoarse in the case will be greatly reduced. Dress, so that people have a bottom line behaviour.
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