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Interesting Stress Facts: Effects of Task-Related Stress vs. "Other" Stress

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:21am

I just came across some interesting stress facts:

You know how when you have a deadline you almost feel inspired to better and faster work — as long as the deadline is within reason and not so impossible that you just want to throw up your hands in desperation and give up — or your mind goes blank.

Well… I just read in Prevention Magazine they’ve done research on stress that showed the following:

when people feel stressed by the task they’re doing, that is actually often beneficial and it doesn’t cause too many problems if it isn’t excessive.

However, if people are trying to do a task under pressure and they’re ALSO feeling stressed about something unrelated to the task — personal finances, what their kids are up to, a sick child, marital problems, and so on, it actually hurts their brain and really affects their performance.

What do we learn from that? For starters, to take stress very seriously. It’s not just something that we all deal with that we’re just going to have to live with.

It’s something we have to LEARN to deal with proactively. For example, if there is a way you can take care of the non-work thing that stresses you, you’ll be in much better shape.

If that’s not possible, or at least not in the moment, learn some techniques to calm yourself down and learn to put stress on hold. Basically, this means, to compartmentalize stress. Yes, it’s hard. And it takes some practice. But it helps.

You’re welcome to my FREE stress-tips report. It’s a start and will help you feel better. Or, if you prefer, get my actual instant stress-relief strategies downloadable book. It has some very powerful techniques that will help you tame some of your worst stress, and quickly.

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