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Intention experiment update

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:39pm

Here is an update on the next Intention Experiement - this is from Lynne McTaggart's email newsletter.

Why the Water Experiment Will Change Our Lives

A huge number have already signed up for the Water Intention Experiment November 30 with three weeks to go — but we want more and we’d like anyone planning to participate to sign up in advance. By signing up before the experiment, you’ll receive exercises to improve your intention. You’ll be able to practice for our experiment and also use these techniques in your own life. It’s also important to sign up in advance because we have a short questionnaire for you to fill out about your psychic ability. So if you haven’t yet, please do so NOW. Remember also to tell all your friends to sign up, too. To confirm your participation, please click here.

More on water

Our experiment, to see if we can send intention to change the pH of polluted water, holds endless implications — largely because of the extraordinary properties of water. Water, as you know, has a number of unique qualities. It is the only substance in the universe that can exist as a solid, a liquid and a gas.

Water also appears to be recording medium for the language of molecules, which have their own signature electromagnetic frequencies. This was proven by the work of the late French biologist Jacques Benveniste, who found that water appears to ‘memorize’ the unique frequencies of molecules. If you expose water to a chemical, and then dilute the water so that none of the original molecules remain, the water sample could nevertheless be used in place of the chemical to effect a reaction.

If you are interested in the power of intention I suggest you check out The Intention Experiment site. If you have time on the 30th of November, sign up to participate in this experiment. The more research information on intention, the better.

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