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Intention Experiment info

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:45pm

Lynne McTaggart is asking for help to spread the word about an upcoming intention experiment. So let's all join in and help out. Here is her request:

We’re now busy organizing the last details for our Water Purification Experiment on October 26 at 5pm on GMT.

If you don’t know how to “Power Up”, please get hold of The Intention Experiment and read it and practice chapter 13.

On the day, we’ll have you click on early so you can review the procedure. It’s very simple. We’ll be sending positive intention to some water, and the scientists -

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, professor of physics at the St. Petersburg State Technical University in St. Petersburg Russia, and his team will have his equipment running constantly to monitor pH and light emissions.
They won’t even know what day we are sending intention. Only after he’s tallied his data will I break the code and tell him when we sent intention. He will examine whether our intention managed to change the pH of the polluted water sample

REMEMBER: for this to work, we need participants. Please tell all your friends to mark their calendars and join in on the Water Intention Experiment on October 26 at the following time zones:

Time zones for The Water Experiment

6 pm British Summer Time
1 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time
12 noon Central Daylight Savings Time
11 am Rocky Mountain Daylight Savings Time
10 am Pacific Daylight Savings Time
7 am Hawaiian Time
7 pm Western Europe Summer Time
3 am Sunday Australian time (Sydney and Melbourne) (Sorry, Australia)

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