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Instant Stress Relief Strategies & The Law Of Attraction

Posted Sep 16 2008 4:30am

What does the Law of Attraction have to do with stress management?

A lot! Stress is among the many feelings that basically push the incoming good away and attract bad stuff.

While we may not always exactly attract what we worry about, we are likely to attract something similar, and, as one of my favorite spiritual teachers once said, “Believe me, it will be adequate.”

So there is much to be gained from getting a handle on stress. But how? All the things that people tell you about, good nutrition, planning ahead and deep breathing just feel like Band-aids when the going gets really rough.

And retail therapy can get you into even bigger trouble when your finances are at the root of your stress.

Here’s what I’m going to do about it:

I’m going to create a special edition of my ebook that is focused specifically on stress and how to relieve it. It’s called “Instant Stress Relief Strategies” and you can get it at

At the moment what will happen when you go there is this:

You’ll see the new “sales page” but the book that will appear for download is the old version.

Not to worry. For a very limited time, i.e., until I have the new version finished and uploaded, you will get BOTH the old version “Feel Better Quickly” AND the new version “ Instant Stress Relief Strategies ” for the price of one. I’m even working on a special bonus that I will sell separately, but IF YOU BUY THIS WEEK, I will send it to you for free when it is ready. Seriously.

What is it? Well… I told you I’ve been there when it comes to stress, and at one point, I was literally on the verge of a heart attack with a blood pressure of 220/110 and killer triglycerides of 551. I was scared out of my socks of taking blood pressure meds, so I researched alternative blood pressure lowering information and took concerted action…

In my special report, I will share all the things I did and that worked and maybe even a few new ones I’ve discovered more recently.

So get it soon if you want that report. Everyone who buys my ebook THIS WEEK will get my special blood pressure lowering report FREE as soon as it’s ready.

Why the hurry? Because I’m trying to raise some money fast for my upcoming trip to New Zealand (to participate in a conference). More about that in a new post above…

But whether you buy my book or not, do remember that lowering your stress levels will go a long way towards making the Law of Attraction work for you so much better. Oh, and it will lower your blood pressure too!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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