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Inner peace is...

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:59am

Slow_down Last week I had an opportunity to receive free coaching. I love being able to chat with other coaches, experience their style, and, of course, learn how to to transform obstacles into opportunities. I was told to come to the session with an issue I wanted resolution on. No problem. As in, that was my problem. I've been experiencing no issues, and I found it somewhat disturbing.

My world felt eerily calm, with not much to get upset over. Sure, there was still business to take care of, to do lists, and issues that could be bigger issues if I decided to blow them out of proportion. The stillness was strange, unnerving, and, well, freaky. Having yet to fully admit my addiction to drama, I unknowingly turned my inner peace into a drama.

Enter BuffDuff.

That's the coach. It's his name on Twitter, and like his manga avatar, it's who I know him to be along with wisdom rich tweets like:

"Most believe 'if I get a lot done, then I can relax.' What if it were really 'if I relax, then I can get a lot done'?"'
"Somehow, somewhere personal development was equated with being the best, which presupposes being better than others. This is problematic"

BuffDuff had a new NLP technique he wanted to try out. It went like this:

1) You summarize your issue (whatever is causing you stress) into a statement. If you have trouble doing this, imagine having a cartoon bubble above your head with the statement. See what it says. Mine was "Inner peace is freaky."

2) You say your statement outloud. Notice it's tone of voice and if it seems like a particular age. Mine was 13 years old and had a valley girl tone to it. Imagine me saying it while flipping my hair and rolling my eyes.

3) Say your statement at a somewhat slower than regular pace.

4) Say your statement with space between each word. Pronounce each word with extra emphasis on the letters. "I-n-n-e-r.........p-e-a-c-e.........i-s...........f-r-e-a-k-y."

5) Notice how you feel. Does the slowed down statement create the same reaction in you? What are your thoughts and feelings after stating this slowly?

The outcome for me? At first, saying it slow felt kind of freaky too. We also had this session over video skype. Another first for me, also freaky. In fact, I was laughing the majority of the time. I do know a thing or two about technology, but this video conferencing, so Jetsons. I'm not there yet. I didn't know where to look, at myself, at him, or into the camera. Bless BuffDuff for maintaining his coaching calm.

Overall though, the technique did extinguish the emotional charge. The statement now felt meaningless, like words strung together haplessly in the same thought. I give it a thumbs up and I would use it again in the future...except not on video skype. The details and science of how it works neuro-linguistically? That you'll have to check with BuffDuff on. You can find him at his website Precision Change

In retrospect, beyond techniques, I realize I was having a freaky day, not an inner peace one. I also saw how easily and unknowingly I can still create drama in the unlikeliest of areas. Drama queen post? Probably coming soon!

In the meantime, tell me, what helps you to feel peaceful and at ease in your life?

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