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Independence day

Posted Jul 04 2010 3:09am
happy 4th of july everybody! Honestly this holiday has never been a big deal to me, but this year it is. I feel I am finally becoming independent in my own way. Independent of all the false beliefs I have held on to for so long about myself. I am becoming free, free to choose different more positive, more powerful thoughts. This has been the culmination of ALOT of hard work. It has been a long ,windy, often frustrating road at times, but I finally see the glimmer of light at the end! I finally feel like the fog of negativity is lifting.... I owe alot of this to all the great sites and articles I find in the early hours of the day while searching around the web. Today marks 69 more days until my birthday..(woohoo!!!!:))
One of the most recent A-ha(!) moments was from a short article about desire vs. expectation. Do you know that you always live up to your expectation..not desire? (Unless they match) Think about if for a second. How often do you set a huge goal that you desire...yet always fall short? Look at where you land.. is that what you expected to happen deep down inside? This was huge for me. I have held this “goal” to lose 10lbs for over a year now.. yet I seem to lose 3lb and gain it back over and over..after reading that article I realized its because I honestly don’t expect to lose the 10. In fact, my deepest expectation is that I will NEVER lose it. So guess what happens? I lose a few and bam.. gain it back.. interesting eh? Does this story sound familiar?
Here is how we (or I) can turn this around.
1. Take an honest look at what you expect. Clear your head.. sit with yourself for a minute. Now fill in the blanks in the sentence. What I want is ; What I truly expect is . Be completely honest with your self, otherwise it won’t work.
2. Start right here.. at your true expectation. Since I truly expect to lose about 3 lbs. that is what happens. SO I now expect that.
3. Once you reach your new expectation (loss of 3lbs.) celebrate this success.
4. Set NEW expectation. Before you turn that last one into a failure again.. Once I lose the 3, celebrate and now i expect to lose another 3..
Each time you have a success you set yourself up to reach your next expectation... how cool is that!!!
This helps you lessen the hold of expecting to fail.. The article will continue on what to do if that (failure) is your true expectation. For now, let’s just work on the first part of our expectation..before the sabotage takes place.. then CELEBRATE!!! treat self to a new book, pedicure, coffee with a friend.. you deserve it.. shouldn’t we celebrate all of our success anyways, no matter how small??
I leave you with this. I am on a sweet little vacation on a sweet little island for a few more days. I will write more when I get back.. work on answering that above sentence honestly... maybe we can all reach our expectations together!
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