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If You Could Make Big Progress in One Area by Year’s End, What Would You Pick?

Posted Sep 17 2012 11:49am

A few times, on Facebook and Google+ and Twitter , I’ve posed the question: “If you could make significant progress in one area of your life by year’s end, what area would you choose?”

I’m always fascinated to read people’s answers. There’s a wide range, and I haven’t actually tallied the responses, but I reckon that the most common areas are:

– lose weight

– stick to an exercise routine

– get more organized,  get rid of clutter

– more time for important relationships

– take the next steps on a big project (e.g., finish a manuscript, submit to an agent)

– get more financial control

Sometimes, the act of identifying something as a “top priority” makes it easier to see ways to make that change a top priority. Instead of a bunch of desiderata swirling around in your brain, you see one very clearly.

What would you choose, as your top priority for change by the end of the year? And you can predict my next question. Having identified that area, are there realistic, manageable steps you could take to help you work toward that aim?

You could get up earlier . You could do a little bit ever day . You could try the boot-camp approach .  What else has worked for you?

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