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I love the fall…there&rsq ...

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:32pm

I love the fall…there’s something special about this time of year. And football is my favorite sport…I grew up on it…played it in high school and followed my two favorite teams….Cal and the 49ers…and since I went to Cal I look forward to the season and being on the campus again.

Yesterday was one of those games that you look forward to. My son, Josh, flew up from San Diego and we went to the game….we braved the cold and the pouring rain for four hours as we saw our team put up a valiant fight only to lose at the end because of a mental mistake by one of our key players.

Under pressure, when the game is on the line, this player’s decision making is poor. He doesn’t perform well under pressure. It seems that he expects to fail. It will be interesting to see if he can change that trend.

I am sure we have at times felt that our decision making has not been optimal. How can we change that, so that under pressure we make good decisions? In sports they use the metaphor that the game is slowing down so that we can see the whole field. But in life when we feel overwhelmed we aren’t able to see the solutions that are right in front of us. It’s developing a mental attitude so that we are able to see all of the possibilities. So when the game slows down, we can see all of the possibilites.

Here’s a thought. 1. Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed…think of all of the possibilites…not just what you think is going to happen….but all of the possibilites…2. Then think about the solution you want and visualize it. 3. What changes would you have to make, so that you could get the result you want? 4. How would you feel when this occurs? The truth is that any of these possibilities are possible…but usually the one you focus on is the one that will occur.

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